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Night Attack album art
"Night Attack" may also refer to the Night Attack show, Night Attack guild in World of Warcraft, or the proposed name for NSFW.

Night Attack is the name of Brian and Justin's first comedy album. The name is a reference to a proposed name for NSFW back when they were considering renaming the show.


The album was first promoted in the NSFW episode El Celsior where it was announced with a $1.99 price. Many members of Chatrealm were asking how to pay more saying that it was too cheap. Some suggested buying multiple copies to give to friends unfamiliar with Brian and Justin.

After the El Celsior episode, Brian, Justin, and Andrew Mayne recorded an episode of Weird Things. Following the episode, Brian learned that a bunch of people had abandoned them during Weird Things in favor of a Google+ hangout. As a reward for those that stuck around, Brian revealed the track list for the album and played more content from the album.

When the album was first released, mispriced it as $17.98. It turned out that this was a mistake on CD Baby's part and a CD Baby employee, Ben, worked closely with to get the pricing fixed. On October 12th, the price on was reduced to $2.59. Individual tracks under 10 minutes are available from for 99 cents and tracks over 10 minutes are only available when purchasing the full album. (Why anyone would purchase just one track when they can get the entire album for $1.60 more is a mystery.)

On Thursday, October 13th, the album price dropped to $1.99.

Album art was made by Jon Tilton.

The follow-up album, Night Attack 2, was released 20th April, 2013.


On the evening of Wednesday, October 12th, Chatrealm bought the album en masse. At its height, Night Attack reached #1 in Comedy and #5 for MP3 albums overall on Amazon. Brian basked in the glory, but Justin referred to it as a "fleeting moment" (when the album was still at #7).

On October 20th, Night Attack peaked on the Billboard charts for top selling comedy album at #4. [1]

Track Listing

  1. Mexican Hitler - 1:29
  2. High Steaks - 6:04
  3. Fat Kid Justin - 5:47
  4. Mexican Hitler Strikes Back! / Sweatin' to the Fuhrer - 8:31
  5. T.I.B. - 10:57
  6. Go Pebbles - 2:04
  7. TacOverlords - 2:46
  8. Justin Stand Up / Skull Crusher - 7:03
  9. Female Comedians - 7:24
  10. Sleep - 7:42
  11. Computer Program - 6:56
  12. Uncle Bilbo - 13:52
  13. Missed Call - 0:20


  1. Comedy Events - 8:58
  2. Halloween - 3:26
  3. Celebritawkward - 9:17
  4. Read the Book Last - 6:22
  5. Jurassic Park - 8:23


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