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Night Attack is the name of an Alliance guild in World of Warcraft on the Icecrown (US) server which consists mainly of fans of NSFW. It was formed on November 21, 2010 by ekaproxy and PDelahanty was promoted to guild leader in October 2011. The name is a reference to a popular proposed new name for NSFW.


The guild includes the following people:

Name Rank Gender Race Class Notes
Durandál 0 - Guild Leader M Draenei Hunter PDelahanty
Kitava 1 - TPIA F Worgen Druid ekaproxy
Mirata 1 - TPIA F Worgen Priest PDelahanty
Alvistone 2 - But Cuba M Worgen Warrior
Brygpo 2 - But Cuba M Dwarf Hunter
Dianafire 2 - But Cuba F Worgen Mage
Dragonair 2 - But Cuba F Draenei Priest Julie/Oriana, friend of PDelahanty, chair of PortConMaine
Drewsipher 2 - But Cuba M Dwarf Warrior Drewsipher
Effadog 2 - But Cuba M Worgen Warrior
Harryworgen 2 - But Cuba M Worgen Hunter
Lyesmith 2 - But Cuba F Worgen Hunter
Mahigan 2 - But Cuba F Worgen Warlock giggleloop
Mimete 2 - But Cuba F Worgen Hunter ekaproxy alt
Merddyn 2 - But Cuba F Human Mage podcast viewer
Neferria 2 - But Cuba F Night Elf Rogue Vu/VuTTran, friend of PDelahanty & ekaproxy
Omgduck 2 - But Cuba F Gnome Warrior
Parsimony 2 - But Cuba F Draenei Mage giggleloop
Qark 2 - But Cuba M Worgen Death Knight
Smelves 2 - But Cuba M Human Paladin JoshHilp
Sybille 2 - But Cuba F Human Rogue ekaproxy
Durindana 3 - DIAF F Worgen Mage PDelahanty's alt
Hillordox 3 - DIAF M Worgen Mage
Lyali 3 - DIAF F Worgen Druid
Chibiusa 4 - GTFO F Gnome Warlock PDelahanty's 1st ever alt
Harerama 4 - GTFO F Worgen Mage
Jahaar 4 - GTFO M Dwarf Hunter
Levine 4 - GTFO F Worgen Hunter
Rounsaville 4 - GTFO M Worgen Druid
Wïnk 4 - GTFO M Worgen Druid Alt of former member, Thepowerful - demoted for looting guild vault's higher level non-druid items

Guild Ranks

Sybille, former leader of Night Attack, at level 72 on November 22, 2010

The guild ranks are as follows:

  1. Eff A Dog - Guild Master
  2. TPIA - Guild Officer
  3. But Cuba - Chat Realm regulars and people who know Chat Realm regulars
  4. DIAF - NSFW/BBVerse fans outside of Chat Realm
  5. GTFO - We have absolutely no idea who the heck you are and/or bank alts

If you wish to be promoted, appeal to Kitava, Durandál, or Mirata.


Membership is open to anyone, but especially to fans of NSFW or other BBverse shows.

To join, find Kitava, Sybille, Durandál, Mirata, or another guild member on Icecrown. Mention "but Cuba" or some other reference to the show and we'll know you're not just some random person and immediately promote you above the "GTFO" rank. We'd also like to know who you are in chat just so we can all keep track. (Your chat name will be put in your guild info.)

Character names which are references to the show are appreciated, but if you've got a pre-existing character you want to transfer in, they're welcome too. To avoid confusion, please do not use other people's nicknames (ie: "shwood", "ohdoctah", "amtrekker", "petefic", "prettyjumbles", etc.) unless you actually are that person.


The guild tabard was created by ekaproxy and features stars and a crescent moon which resemble a happy face. Both ekaproxy and giggleloop had noticed independently of each other that two of the stars appear right on the breasts of female characters.

"It looks like a smiley face on my boobs!" - Giggleloop

Guild Bank

The guild bank currently features 2 tabs. The second tab is intended to only hold armor and weapons. The first tab is for everything else.

If you are able to use any of the recipes or items in the first tab, you are encouraged to do so in order to free up space. We respectfully ask that you don't take stuff out of the bank to sell for your own personal profit. If you're caught constantly taking stuff out that is not appropriate for any of your guild characters and never contributing, you will be demoted or kicked out of the guild. ...but if you're selling junk, something nobody needs, or low level items and put the money back into the bank, that's fine.

We need 500 gold before we can get another tab. Contributions will go towards that goal.

Ventrilo Info

evilanticz has been kind enough to set up a Ventrilo server for use for both guilds, the info is:

port: 4291
password: butcuba

Ventrilo ("Vent") can be downloaded from

Fun Facts


Upon the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm on December 7, 2010, some of the guild members have started leveling new worgen characters. ("Night Attack" seems like a good guild name for worgen.)


  • Durandál was the first character to hit level 80 after joining the guild.
  • Neferria is the first person to level 1 to 85 within the guild and the first guild member to hit 85.
  • Deadmines Guild Run was the first guild achievement earned on December 18, 2010.
  • The Lower Blackrock Spire Guild Run was earned by Durandál on a solo run. This was due to a bug which, unlike other instances, did not require 4 guild members in the party at the time.
  • Created as an alt in late 2004, Chibiusa is very likely the oldest character in the guild.


  • PDelahanty referred Neferria (Vu) through the Recruit-A-Friend program. Their accounts are linked until February 21, 2011 at 7pm. This allows summoning, triple experience (up to level 60), and the ability to grant 1 level to PDelahanty's lower level characters (usually Mirata) for every 2 levels Vu earns. As a result of the referral program, Durandál got a 2-person rocket in early February and can provide free rides for fellow guild members. (Yes...who wants to ride Durandál's rocket? Step right up, ladies!)

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