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Pills Pills Pills Pills Pills!
Number 52
Broadcast Date November 30, 2010
Episode Length 1:01:30
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Sarah Lane Colleen Kelly

On this episode of NSFW we begin the holiday season with Colleen Kelly: We do some Holiday Problem Zolvers, we play What are You Watching Colleen? and we have a holiday gift guide that rivals any other you will read!


Opening video: Literal TRON Legacy Trailer

Holiday Pr0blem Solverz

Brian, Justin, and Colleen call listeners to answer their problems.

For the first call, Brian calls chat realm member, giggleloop. Her problem is that people constantly bother her about not listening to Christmas Music during the Holidays. During first attempt, Justin put in wrong number.

  • Justin - You think carols are crap?
  • Colleen - Get some sealed headphones and listen to Swedish death metal. When in home, don't turn on the TV.
  • Brian - Act like a Grinch and be a binch.

For the second call, Curtis has a computer problem after downloading some "adult material".

  • Colleen - So you downloaded tranny porn on dads computer and now he's got a virus?
  • Brian - Deny till you die.
  • Justin - Don't get tagged for downloading screwvids and now your computer is poop-ids.

For the last call, Petefic found out that his wisdom teeth needs to be pulled out and the only available time is 3 days before Christmas. That means having to speak to relatives during Christmas while being in total tooth agony. What should I do to make this Christmas less awful?

  • Brian - So you're a big fat wiener who can't handle the pain
  • Justin - PILLS! PILLS! PILLS! PILLS! PILLS! Grind them up in your food, put them in your drink, throw them at your sister! MAKE IT SNOW, IT'S PILLS!
  • Colleen - Take pills, get your thrills!

What are you watching, Sa-Colleen?

Colleen is horrified by the tentacle-armed Japanese school girl video

Betternet Holiday Gift Guide


Justin plays Squarelibs, the Squarespace version of Madlibs, with Colleen. The result? A Squarespace ad based on the answers Colleen gave.

Use the code: NSFW, to receive 10% off the lifetime of your order

New Champion! Woo!

  • Colleen for coming away from a date with a 48-port switch to save the episode

Great Quotes

  • "You American son of the binch" - Tebaatusasula
  • "OMG! ... I hate you so much!" - Colleen Kelly


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