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Number 45
Broadcast Date October 12, 2010
Episode Length 1:16:55
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Brett Rounsaville

Brian, Justin, and Brett play a favorite old bit, a little game called "I said what", and have the most thrilling final five minutes of NSFW history.


Opening Video

The episode opened with a video titled Cat Crack.

Brian starts off talking about Brett’s iPad cases. He makes something “really freakin rad” and every week an iPad case comes out and has a story behind it. He notes that there are two “Brian iPad Cases” left and a new "Shamwow" case coming out in the near future.

Where in the World is Danny Devito

Brian and Brett compete to guess where Danny Devito's troll feet are located, in a picture.

Since they are both correct, they do a tiebreaker. Brett and Brian must write it down.

Answer - Zurich - Switzerland

Result: Tie

As a side note, Brian then asked the chat realm to tweet Robert Kirkman to be a guest on the show.

I Said What?

Next, Brian and Justin asked long time listeners/viewers to go "back in time" and pick random lines from random episodes. Justin and Brian would then compete to guess who said that line.

"There's a lot of gaybow crossfire going on."

  • Brian: Justin
  • Justin: Brian

Correct Answer : Ep 26 "We Are All Going to Hell" - Justin

"This is our darkest moment."

  • Brett: Brian
  • Justin: Brian
  • Brian: Brian

Correct Answer : Ep 34 "The Scream Queens vs. Zombie President" - Brian

"It's as satisfying as I rehearsed it in my head."

  • Brett: Brian
  • Justin: Brian
  • Brian: Brian

Correct Answer : Ep 16 "SXSW Guaranteed, Guaranteed" - Brian

"I'm glad we get to bring a different level of maturity to our program."

  • Brett: Justin
  • Justin: Justin
  • Brian: Justin

Correct Answer : Ep 1 "Name That Autocomplete" - Justin

"What an asshole I am."

  • Brett: Justin
  • Justin: Brian
  • Brian: Justin

Correct Answer : Ep 38 "Cat Trash Fever" - Justin

"Get ready for the deluge my friends!"

  • Justin: Brian (locked in)
  • Brian and Brett: Justin

Correct Answer : Ep 9 "Never Have I Ever" - Brian

"Hey it's New Zealand. Who cares?"

  • Justin: Justin (locked in)
  • Brian and Brett: Brian

Correct Answer : Ep 41 "Scott Johnson vs. The World" - Justin

The game ended in a tie.

Don't Get Brodied

Brian and Justin asks listeners to call in telling them a story. If it is interesting enough, they might not get brodied and possibly win.

First - *chickened out*

Second - "I went to a Met's game last night" - Brodied

Third - "Human blockhead, coach puked" - Not Brodied

Fourth - *FAIL* - Brodied

Fifth - Brodied

Sixth - 'Hello?" - Brodied

Seventh *Caller hung up. Brian called back. FAIL* - Brodied

Eighth (same as third) - "I did a trick, guy puke up...." (says slowly) - Brodied

Ninth - "At Panera Bread, a man walks in with his entire desktop with dual monitors." - Brodied

Tenth - *He doesn't even DESERVE the "brode", for not talking*

Eleventh - "I went to a panel for Walking Dead at Comic Con, saw Michael Rooker." - Brodied

Twelfth - Same as 3nd and 8th - Brodied

Thirteenth - jumbled - A story about pulled pork? - Brodied

Fourteenth - Coworker dropped some boxes... - Brodied

Fifteenth - Brodied

Sixteenth - Caught pneumonia and had to play an entire show with pneumonia.

Seventeenth - One time... - Brodied

Eighteenth - Party at a college, i got drunk. We start looking around and start noticing a ton of dudes making out. Two girls started to strip me down. Someone screamed *DO IT* put on my clothes. Person who owns it starts screaming "You ruined my party" - Brodied

Nineteenth - Took blankets from motel room while the lady was gone. - Brodied

Twentieth - Same as 2, 8, 12 - Having a fire and brother pissing on it. Brother pushed him on the log and he had knocked his teeth out. - Not Brodied

Twenty-First - I went to college. Big frat party. I ended up shitting on friends car. - Brodied

Twenty-Second - I opened up a jar with ONE HAND! - Brodied

Twenty Third - I was drunk one night. My roommates were trying to blow up the thin balloons. I can't blow this up by hand. I find one of those chili sauce things and I pumped it up with that. It blows up everywhere. Gets into my eyes. I was screaming. - EPIC WIN

Twenty Fourth - In physics and we had a party. Star Trek vs Star Wars. Someone went to liquor store and dressed up and bought liquor. - Brodied

Twenty Fifth - Was at a LAN party and got drunk. I thought I was going to die and called me a little pussy. - Brodied

Twenty Sixth - I ruined this girl's life by going to her photocopy work. Took a photo of my jubagel. And next day she got fired for having pictures of jubagels in her trash. - Not Brodied

Twenty Seventh - I'M BLACK YA'LL

Twenty Eighth - You guys keep me a wake at night when you tweet me. I am the guy you're tweeting from Squarespace. I'm the sponsor. You are ridiculous. This is the first time I've participated. We appreciate you guys, and we love you. Hopefully, I'll come on to the actual show sometime. - EPIC WINNESS - ALL HAIL SQUARESPACE - NEW CHAMPION!! YAY!

Squarespace's Will Be Done

After Mark, from Squarespace, placed the call, Brian asked him what he wanted hundreds of people to tweet. He said "I want them to tell the truth if they have pants on or not. Use the hashtag #pantscheck."

He spoke, his wish came true.


Justin starts off talking about how he will start his "Jury's Jubagel Empire" business website on Squarespace and how he will get 10% off his website, for life. He will then use his new website to slander his competition, saying that they are all anti-Semitic. Brian joins in and mentions "When your Jubagels take off and they talk about it on TWiT, it won't crash the server."

Brian will send you signed stickers if you send him a screenshot of you using Squarespace.

Use promo code NSFW to get 10% the lifetime of your account.

New Champion! Woo!

Great Quotes

  • "Do you ever find yourself surrounded by dead hookers?" -Brian as Leo
  • "You and your race-bating will get you nowhere." -Brian


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