Room 717

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Room 717
Number 21
Broadcast Date October 31, 2010
Episode Length 1:00:29
Hosts Andrew Mayne, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

The team conducts an investigation in a haunted hotel room. Seriously spooky stuff happens to the so-called skeptics. Will they survive the night?



Brian and Chad are on the road in Fond Du Lac Wisconsin and they learned that the hotel they are staying at (The Ramada Plaza Hotel) is haunted. So of course they requested and booked the haunted room, room 717. Brian asked the person at the front desk for any information about the room and he was given a dossier of all of the reported hauntings in that room. The story is that the original owner of the hotel, Walter Schroeder, was murdered and now haunts the hotel by banging on walls, turning on faucets and screaming among other things. There are numerous reports of seeing and hearing ghostly apparitions in the halls.

Yellow Pages vs. The Bible

Being directed by Andrew, Brian and Chad have gotten the Bible and the Yellow Pages out for an experiment to contact any spirits that may be in the room with them. Andrew tells them to thumb through the pages behind their backs, relax and eventually stop when they feel it is right. Then they are to open the book to the page that they stopped at and lay it open in front of them. Without looking at the page they are to let their finger gently fall down onto the page like a feather and then look at what they landed on.

Brian went first using the Yellow Pages and landed on Toro Lawn and Garden Equipment and nothing really turned up on a quick Google search. However, Andrew later Googled Walter Schroeder followed by the phone number of the Toro phone number listed in the yellow pages. This resulted in a story of another Walter Schroeder who was murdered during a bank robbery.

Chad did the same thing with the Bible and landed on Psalms 61 which reads, "Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer. From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I." This is the point at which Brian really starts to get creeped out.


Andrew tells Brian and Chad to go into the bathroom with the lights of and take pictures. You can see the pictures on Andrew's Flickr page. While Chad was alone in the bathroom getting video, Brian did the mature thing and banged on the door. Listeners are encouraged to look through the photos to hopefully find some evidence of the paranormal that may have been missed.

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