Silly Boy Nonsense

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Silly Boy Nonsense
Number 202
Broadcast Date October 29, 2013
Episode Length 1:37:24
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Andrew Mayne

Bri Bri and The Jurbs have another best selling comedy album! Andrew Mayne has a TV show on A&E! Time to revel in their success and look back on how far they've come.


Opening Video

Yacht Sinks video

Don't Trust Andrew Mayne

Breaking the #1 rule in show business of never plugging your guest before yourself, Justin would like you to know that you should head on over to Andrew Mayne has a god damn TV show on A&E called Don't Trust Andrew Mayne. He couldn't say much about the show at the time, but its a show and it has magic and it's starting in January 2014. It's also worth noting that the show is produced by friends of the show Joke and Biagio. THAT'S RIGHT! THE PRODUCERS OF "Zombie President" ARE MAKING A SHOW WITH THE DEBIT DADDY ON ONE OF THE BIGGEST CABLE NETWORKS OUT THERE!

Night Attack Live

After months of delays, the third Night Attack album is here! As per usual, Brian and Justin had the Chatrealm buy the album all at one time in order to climb to the top of the iTunes charts. The album was #1 on the iTunes comedy album charts and got up to #53 out of ALL albums on iTunes.


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Talking Head TV Interviews Brian Brushwood

Five years earlier, back before Brian and Justin knew each other, Justin interviewed Brian on the Andrew-Mayne-run "Talking Head TV". It's a really awkward interview that embarrasses both Brian and Justin, so naturally they watched the whole thing and pointed out how stupid they were and how much/little they've changed. If you hate yourself, you can watch the interview here.

It's interesting to note that the interview was about the original Operation iScam in which Brian got everyone to subscribe to Scam School at the same time to get to the top of the iTunes charts. On the day of the recording of this episode, Brian and Justin were trying to get everyone to buy their new album, Night Attack Live, at the same time to get to the top of the iTunes charts.

Legit Talk About Success and Things

The show gets serious for a bit when the guys start talking about how they try to attain success in their careers.


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Three People Text a Person that Nobody Knows

Dan White is a friend of Brian, Justin and Andrew and is currently on tour with Kanye West. During the show Night Attack Live passed Kanye's Yeezus on the iTunes top album charts. Once this happened, the three of them all sent a text to Dan bragging about temporarily being better than Kanye. Dan then responded very politely to Brian's texts which kinda ruined the bit for them.

Promoting Night Attack Live

Andrew has been talking with all sorts of publicists for his new TV show (find out more at and he has some great inside info on how to promote a product. During this segment, Justin mentions a commercial in which hot models get out of a car and rub their butts… and crabs are involved… here it is. Also, here is the sounder that Brian played for the taglines.

Marketing Advice
  • "Buy Night Attack Live or crabs will eat your balls"
  • "Night Attack Live: outselling Arctic Monkeys right now"
  • The copyright has run out on this logo and nobody has been using it for over 60 years. Check it out!
  • "Hitler never bought Night Attack; don't be a Hitler."


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Don't Trust Chatrealm

Inspired by Andrew Mayne's new show (head on over to the Chatrealm has come up with some great advice for Andrew. Check out the doc, and add your own advice.

Great Quotes

Fun Facts

Pizza roll'd @ 50 mins into the Preshow. Love you <>





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