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Number 70
Broadcast Date April 4, 2011
Episode Length 1:13:04
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Mark Burstiner

Mark Burstiner (formerly of Squarespace) joins the show to launch a new start-up that will take the world by storm.


Opening Video

“Passing Stones: **** me up!”

Bubble Jumble

Right now, a ton of start-ups are getting billions of dollars being thrown at them. So Justin went through a list of actual start-ups that were created in the past month or so, he will then read the description and three names- two of which he made up, then Brian or Mark will have to guess what the actual name is.

1. “A mobile social app that connects strangers via voice based on common interests”

  • Talktalktalktalk
  • ShutYourIdiotFaceBox
Brian guesses - CORRECT

2. “Re-thinking the browser in a way that makes sense for a more social, interactive Web experience”

  • Zyclone
  • RockMelt
  • AllOfYourIdeasAreStupidStopSharingThem -Desktop Edition
Mark guesses RockMelt- CORRECT

3. “This app allows consumers to monetize otherwise boring photos and videos on your cellphone.”

  • ClickCash
  • FizWoz
  • WeBuyPicsOfUglyPeople!
Brian guesses ClickCash- INCORRECT

4. “This multi-touch iOS app allows for visual manipulation of music for DJs”

  • ShapeMix
  • Skrattch
  • This Would Have Sounded Better When I Was Still Addicted To Oxycontin
Mark guesses Skrattch- INCORRECT

5. “A new platform to allow drag and drop mobile game programming”

  • GameSalad
  • SelectStart
  • Tron
Brian guesses GameSalad- CORRECT

6. “This mobile app allows for wireless playback of music via Bluetooth”

  • MyStream
  • BassShare
  • HeyPersonIJustMetAtAFilthyBusStop,RememberNatalieImbruglia? CauseICanPlayHerForYouOnMyDumbPhone The App
Both guessed BassShare- INCORRECT

Everybody loses!


Now it’s common knowledge that making a blog is hard and complicated, but then Mark blows everyone’s mind by telling us that Squarespace is actually a really simple and easy way to set up a website. In fact someone created a blog for the 2011 Fantasy Movie League at You can also check out for some helpful life-lessons that have been learned from NSFW.

Go to for a 14-day free trial.

The $100 Million Paper Start Up Pitch

As seen earlier in the show, money is being splashed on the faces of start-ups like there is no tomorrow. So the guys figure that they should try to create their own start-up to see if they can raise a few hundred million dollars.

Key Points

  • It is a pivoting, social, mobile, cloud-based synergy engine
  • At least 700 employees
  • Headquartered in Mark’s grandparent’s basement in central New Jersey
  • Main competitor-
  • Other competitors- Mahalo, Odeo, AskSandy and the Soviets
  • Name- Grabrubarf
  • URL-


In planning for the Grabrubarf break room, the guys needed a way to access thousands of movies and TV shows to watch on their 100ft screen. Mark suggested something about RSS feeds and Youtube and all sorts of other non-sense but there is a MUCH easier way, it’s called Netflix. There is a constantly changing assortment of titles available for instant streaming and even more titles available to be sent to your home in just 1-2 business days.

Go to


Much like the game Balderdash™, one person going to take words from UrbanDictionary and the others have to guess what the definition of that word is. The Chatrealm compiled the list and it can be viewed at

1. “Shwood”

  • Brian: A pair of wooden sunglasses
  • Mark: A sharp piece of wood, but not from a tree
  • Justin: The host of Film Riot
Correct answer: A soft boner

2. “Simming”

  • Justin: Having familiar physical relations with a friend of yours in Sim City
  • Mark: The same thing Justin said but with The Sims
  • Brian: The same thing that Mark said but in a Sims-like porn site
Correct answer: To play The Sims

3. “Immigrant”

  • Mark: Anyone on his mother’s side of the family
  • Brian: The fine stream of individuals that keeps this country neutral
  • Justin: The host of Scam School
Correct answer: Every inhabitant of the USA

4. “Pixel counting”

  • Brian: When you obsess over the metrics of a video game
  • Mark: The skill of counting pixels of a specific film to tell how large something is in real-life
  • Justin: When nudity is blurred out on TV and you count the pixels to see how big people’s junk is
Correct answer: The act of staring at one’s screen to avoid bullshit at work

5. “Bluetool”

  • Justin: Somebody who wears bluetooth ear-buds that is a real jerk.
  • Brian: Somebody who wears bluetooth ear-buds that is totally tuned out walking through traffic.
  • Mark: Any member of the Blueman Group
Correct answer: A guy who wears a bluetooth everywhere.

6. “Jetwash”

  • Justin: When you get clean in the public showering facilities of the New York Jets
  • Brian: A way you sweep the table clean just by blowing some total bogus crap you made up the morning of a project.
  • Mark: Being cleaned off by a pressure washer
Correct answer: Occurs when someone walking in front of another person farts, leaving a vapor trail of gas lingering behind them only to be inhaled by all who cross its invisible path.

New Champion! Woo!

  • Natalie Imbruglia

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