T'aint Correct

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T'aint Correct
Number 104
Broadcast Date November 29, 2011
Episode Length 1:31:04
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests C. Robert Cargill

Brian and Justin try to guess to plots to some upcoming movies, and then the Chatrealm creates some lovely birthday cards for King Leo.


Opening Video

NSFW Afri-Cola Parody

Leo's Birthday

It's Leo's birthday and Chatrealm has made some very special birthday cards for him.

Check out some of the cards here.


Go to Ford.com/Technology to learn more.

Take on Hollywood

Cargill gives names and actors of upcoming Oscar-worthy movies where Justin and Brian has to figure out the plot of the movie.

  • The Descendants George Clooney

It's about a band of people who are the great-great-grandchildren but they are trying to overcome the idea that they are just a novelty band because of their family history. Then at the end they win the talent show.

  • Shame Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan

Michael Fassbender goes out to a PTA meeting and literally poops his pants in front of everyone. Carey Mulligan is the only person in the PTA that can look past the pants pooping and will work with him. This is all very much the same as "The Kings Speech", however at the end when his son is giving his valedictorian speech and is about to poop his own pants. Seeing this, Michael Fassbender stands up and addresses the audience that has mocked him for so long and manages to not poop his pants.

  • We Bought A Zoo Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, Elle Fanning

They buy a zoo, and they find out how hard it is to run a zoo, then at the end they turn it into a profitable zoo.

    • This is actually what happens in the movie... Spoiler Alert

  • Albert Nobbs Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Glenn Close

Jonathan Rhys Meyers spends his entire life creating the most perfect knobs. Then Natalie Portman comes to turn the knob and she orgasms. This starts a whole wave of fetish videos of women turning knobs while having an orgasm. Then Glenn Close plays a woman named "Helena Handle" and is totally against this and is crazy.

  • Rampart Steve Buschemi, Woody Harrelson

You're in an old video game and you need to build a rampart to hid in, but then aliens come down and start blowing up the arcade that they are in. So then they fortify their hideout with the arcade cabinets to defend themselves from the aliens.

  • Sinister Ethan Hawke (Directed by Cargill)

Its about a guy who gets and infection from a splinter in his left thumb. What he doesn't know is that the splinter is from a haunted axe. Then the blister from the splinter pops and turns into a worm.


Go to Netflix.com/TWiT for a 1 month free trial.

Next Week!

The the guys from Record Setter (formerly URDB) are going to be live at the State Theater in Austin. So if you are in the Austin area, head there next week, (December 6th, 2011) and break a record.

Also, Brian and Justin's Skyfive record has been nominated for the top record of 2011. If it's before 12/1/2011 where you are go here and vote for them!

Special Report

They ended the show without playing a very important news report regarding Pedobear.

Then SamJCL sent in the 12 Days of Diamondness...disappointing a bunch of folks in Chatrealm who were already working their own epic version featuring 12 different members of Chatrealm.

New Champion! Woo!

Great Quotes

  • "Why would a gay guy with a fake girlfriend pull a vehicle?" -Justin

Fun Facts

  • There were many mentions of people changing hair color. This is a reference to Chad dying his hair "Nuclear Red".


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