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Leo is very, very skilled at crowdsurfing.
Hail King Leo!
Leo wins at pimping.

Leo Laporte (also known as "King Leo" or "Uncle Leo", born November 29, 1956) is the creator of the TWiT Netcast Network, who pays Brian's paychecks for NSFW. In NSFW #13 (W1NNER GAM3S), Justin represented TWiT and thus swore fealty to Leo. Later, at SXSW, BOTH Brian and Justin kneeled before Leo... who subsequently ordered their decapitation.

When Brian and Justin make appearances on TWiT, Leo acts much sillier and naughtier than usual. This is made worse when Leo breaks out the wine. Where Brian and Justin try to be on their best behavior around Leo to improve the image of NSFW, Leo ends up throwing it all out the window (see: Dolphin Fuckers).

Leo often has to defend NSFW from haters in the normal TWiT chat room who keep asking when he is going to cancel the show (because NSFW gets lower numbers compared to other TWiT shows, and Leo had previously cancelled other underperforming shows). He eventually said that he would never cancel NSFW no matter how bad it got, but admits that he doesn't watch the show because he doesn't want to be seen as "unnecessary adult supervision." That said, he is pretty bent on hiring Brian and convincing him to move his family to Petaluma to do NSFW from the TWiT Brickhouse.


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