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The CluBBhouse is a forum for fans of NSFW, Scam School, Weird Things, and BBLiveShow to accompany BBpedia. It was announced on May 18, 2010 at the beginning of Lulz & Order: Troll Court.


The idea for a forum for fans began on April 9th when Brian Brushwood sent a DM on Twitter to Patrick Delahanty which said, "hey patrick: justin and I are talking about directing a bunch more of NSFW's focus to the bbpedia... how much would it take to add a forum?"

The forum software was installed and running on April 13, 2010.

Through a series of e-mails, Patrick and Brian discussed what the forums would offer and refined the starting configuration. Brian wrote:

There's an immense cross-section of hardcore fans which spans over nsfw, bbliveshow, weirdthings, itricks, and scam school... And right now the bbpedia is the closest thing they have to a clubhouse. My goal was to add some "basic amenities" to our pad, and encourage participation in building the wiki.
I figured it would be a general forum for all those fans, with sub- chapters or threads for each of the shows.

It was from this e-mail that Patrick came up with the name, "The CluBBhouse", replacing the "b" in "clubhouse" with the infamous "BB" logo.

Although the forum had been ready to go since April 14, it was not announced until May 18th. Although Justin, Chad, and Brett had created accounts between April 13th and 20th, Brian did not create his account until May 19th. (Chad's account was created on his 21st birthday.)

The forum was eventually shut down during a server upgrade because of disuse.

Inside Jokes

At launch, the forum descriptions contained a number of inside jokes.

  • The General Mayhem forum refers to Dolphin Fuckers.
  • The NSFW forum contains one possible meaning for "NSFW".
  • The Scam School forum says, "The only show dedicated to social engineering at the bar and on the street." which is Brian's tagline spoken at the beginning of every episode.
  • The BBLiveShow forum references "#brian-is-testing-a-camera--", which is the name of the Ustream IRC channel used during the pre-NSFW days.