The Morning Stream

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The Morning Stream
The Morning Stream cover art
Hosted by Scott Johnson, Brian Ibbott
No. of episodes 1200+
Runtime 90-120 minutes
Distributor Frogpants Studios
Original Run January 24, 2011 - Present

The Morning Stream (TMS) is a morning show hosted by Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott on the Frogpants network. The show is streamed live Monday through Thursday at 10am in the Mountain time zone (the only time zone that matters). A Thursday evening show (TMS PM) was added as a Patreon reward.

TMS features many regular guests who are friends of the Diamond Club, including Tom Merritt, Justin Robert Young, and Bill Doran.

Daily Segments

Stump Darrell

Star Trek nerd, Darrell Skeels, comes on to answer a "hard trivia question." Listeners call in and try to win some swag.

Food Tasting

In the middle of the Stump Darrell segment, Scott, Brian and sometimes Darrell try some snacks sent to them by fans from all over the world.


Scott and Brian discuss some news.


Brian Ibbott is the host of Coverville, a podcast dedicated to cover songs, so at the end of the show Brian plays a cover song that is usually requested by listeners. After the first hour, Brian plays music from unsigned or lesser-known artists in a segment called Indie in the Middle.

Weekly Segments


Major Spoilers! Stephen Schleicher of Major Spoilers discusses the latest comic book news as well as other geeky things.


Make it with Bill Bill Doran talks about prop construction, cosplay, and Twitch streaming.

Jury Doodie Justin Robert Young talks about whatever the hell he wants (sometimes politics). Originally this segment involved Justin talking about the latest stories on


Recommentals Nicole Spagnuolo recommends her favorite movies that are currently streamable.

Tom's Tech Time DTNS host Tom Merritt talks about the latest tech news.


Therapy Thursdays Actual therapist and Scott's sister, Wendy, helps listeners with their problems live from Sweden.

The Morning Stream: PM Edition

Dan, Dan, The Board Game Man Dan Patriss of the Geek All Stars podcast discusses the world of tabletop gaming every other Thursday.

App Time Brian and Scott each showcase an iOS app or game. The theme is from a retired Frogpants podcast, App Slappy.

#AskTMS Brian and Scott answer questions posed from Tadpool members using the Twitter hashtag #AskTMS.


Inspired by the successes of the Patreons from Tom, Brian and Justin, Scott and Brian launched the Patreon for The Morning Stream. Milestone goals include random monthly giveaways to patrons, fewer ads and extra shows. At $5,000 donated per month, a fifth show per week was added - TMS PM.