There Was... An Escalation

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There Was... An Escalation
Number 286
Broadcast Date August 22, 2019
Episode Length 01:11:13
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

Things escalate in the Brushwood house. Well, not even in the Brushwood house! Plus, a new news game, "News6" and your (theft-y) emails to [email protected] Frowning elbows!

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Wouldn't you like to, uh.

So let's try and figure out what the first segment was about. It seems that

  • Brian's daughter was "being a butt"
  • Brian poured Dr. Pepper on his daughter
  • Daughter tore Brian's shirt
  • Bonnie was witness to the aftermath
  • This was all at Brian's mother's house, within sight of Brian's mother.
  • Bonnie took away daughter's ipad and Brian's headphone charger and tried to change Brian's hearthstone password.
  • Consequently Brian spent two days sleeping at Modern Rogue World Headquarters

Was this good content to discuss on a comedy show? You be the judge.

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News 6 Game

It's a game from Bryce. Six news stories, a very complicated setup eventually leading to a question.

  • Brian picked "I'm the old guy (duh)" eventually leading to "how many weeks was a nickleback song how you remind me at #1 in 2001" Brian said 8, Justin said 5. It was 4.
  • Justin picked "Buy Bonds" eventually leading to "How many novelizations of 007 films have been published". Justin said 18, Brian said 9. It was 7.
  • Brian picked "A Pull Card" eventually leading to "How much did Goldman Sachs settle with the SEC from the 2008 financial crisis." Brian said $500 million, Justin said $0. It was $550 million.
  • Justin picked "Like a G7" eventually leading to "Go back and forth naming G7 countries until someone gets it wrong". Justin: Japan. Brian: Germany. Justin: UK. Brian: China (wrong).
  • Brian picked "I Earn Eye, Ron" eventually leading to "What is the iron isotope that has four extra neutrons." Brian said 36. Justin said 69. It was 60.
  • Justin gets the last one "I know Kung-Bu" eventually leading to "Morbius the spider-man villain first appeared in the comic what year" Justin says 1989. Brian says 1971. It was 1971.

Brian wins! Send your games to mail at night attack dot tv.

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

Not this week.

Mail Bag

What's a good name for a dentist that is also a DJ? (DJ Novocaine, DJ Do You Floss, DJ Groove Canal). Things people stole from college in response to Justin's tweet. (real estate sign, leather arm chairs, No Trespassing sign, Wet Floor cone, the employee of the month parking sign from a Holiday Inn which is technically just theft.) A discussion of getting into debt going to college. Everyone on the show stole when in college. Send your mail to mail at night attack dot tv.


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