Tom Cattt (Episode)

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Tom Cattt
Number 188
Broadcast Date July 22, 2013
Episode Length 1:18:23
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Tom Merritt, Tom Cattt

This week Brian and Justin enlist Tom Merritt, Bonnie Brushwood, and Chatrealm to name the newly birthed royal baby; Brian practices his upcoming Tom interview with Tom; and Tom Cattt performs live for us!


Opening Video

Yes Love the NSFW Hurt by Weirdami.

Name the Royal Baby

Brian, Justin, Bonnie, and Tom work hard to name the first son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Brian, Justin, and Bonnie throw their support behind the internet's resident anglophile and decide upon Prince Axe Cop

Rejected Suggestions:

  • Jorge
  • Georgezimmerman
  • Tywin
  • Joffrey
  • Prince Poppycock
  • Halberd Morningstar
  • Mace
  • Low-level Ion Cannon
  • Lord Blunderbussnoose, VI
  • Clusterbomb Mustardgus
  • Dickbat
  • Prince Prince
  • Prince Penistone Tiltington Knoberton
  • Buttimus Wind, Jr.
  • Mayor McEngland
  • Paula Dean
  • Long Rod VanHoogendong
  • Prince Tiberius I. Blunderbuss (T. I. B.)
  • Gaylord
  • Prophylactic Cobblestone, III
  • Prince Dolly Partons' Tits
  • Prince Ima Nuke China
  • Prince Suck It Trebek


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The Tom-Test Interviews With Tom

In preparation for the guest to come, Brian interviews Tom Merritt acting as several real-life personalities. Tom has a secret, and Brian has one minute to reveal it.

Tom's personalities:

  • Brian's guess? Paula Dean
    • Tom's personality: a man who once set the world record for crying but now wants to distance himself from his past
  • Brian's guess? a cylon
    • Tom's personality: a man who voted for his dog for mayor and is unapologetic about it
  • Brian's guess? the man who created 'Heroes'
    • Tom's personality: an overly-defensive man of the cancelled drama series 'Heroes'
  • Bonnies's guess? Patricia Harkins-Bradley
  • Brian's guess? An erotic-fiction author who wrote about a time traveller and Mary Todd Lincoln author
    • Most popular author about mermaid-centric fanfiction in history


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Summer Music Series

HOLY. CRAP. Tom Cattt joined the guys live on skype for an interview and to perform a few songs. Topics included Tom's biceps, the inspiration behind his songs, his similar appearance to Brian and his beautiful asian dancers. You can find out more about Tom on his website,, you can buy his music on Amazon and Bandcamp, you can follow him on Twitter and you can check him out on YouTube.

Songs Played:
  • Show
    • The Hurt
  • Aftershow
    • Yes Love

Belt Winner

OMGChad during the PreShow.

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