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For information on the band, see The Doubleclicks (band).

The Doubleclicks
Number 187
Broadcast Date July 16, 2013
Episode Length 1:59:57
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests The Doubleclicks

This week, Brian's audio sounds like a giant pile of poops and Justin has finally become a cyborg with Google Glass. They watch videos submitted by the Chatrealm, The Doubleclicks perform live and there was a mass text sent around... Did you get it?


Opening Video

None, The Doubleclicks opened the show with their song "The Mystery's Gone".

The Dead Bird Challenge

In the preshow every week, Brian goes live on his channel and the Chatrealm brings him videos to play. This is much in the same way that a cat would bring a human a dead bird. Starting this week, Brian and Justin have decided to create the Dead Bird Challenge. Every few weeks on the show, the Chatrealm will submit videos to Justin seeking his approval. Then Justin will award the Dead Bird Belt to the Chatrealmer who submitted the best video.


Winner: Uhh, whoever submitted the Kitten on a slide video. I dunno. Good on ya.


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Why Didn't I Get Your Mass Text?

In the Preshow, Brian was made aware of this extraordinary video called "Mass Text". He, Justin and the Doubleclicks watched the video and broke it down during the show.

Summer Music Series

The Doubleclicks are live in studio to perform. Their new album, "Lasers and Feelings", is out now and you can buy it on Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes and you can find them everywhere else on the internet under the name "The Doubleclicks" like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and probably every other social media outlet on the internet.

Songs played
  • Show
    • The Mystery's Gone
    • The Guy Who Yelled Freebird
    • Nothing to Prove
  • Aftershow
    • Clever Girl
    • Oh, Mr. Darcy
    • A Lullaby for Mr. Bear
    • This Fantasy World

Summer Movie Draft Update

Roberto Villegas breaks down week 13 in his Movie Draft Minute


There was a delay in label approval, so the ship date has been pushed back again for approximately 1-2 weeks.

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