Turning a Hotel Key Into a Stolen Credit Card

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Turning a Hotel Key Into a Stolen Credit Card
Number 254
Broadcast Date January 10, 2020
Episode Length 11:40
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy
Guests Deviant Ollam, Babak Javadi


Next time we're going to put on glasses that let you see magnetic influence. Unfortunately it does so by coating your retinas in iron filings, so Jason has to wear two eye patches for the next month to recover. We'll figure it out though, just need a couple more test runs.


Fun Facts

  • This episode was mistakenly uploaded without music.
  • This episode went through a far more rigorous censoring phase than usual, due to possible sensitive information.
  • The gas station bit at the end was actually recorded by Deviant.
  • This episode was delayed by multiple weeks due to missing desktop capture.

Full Episode

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A 32 minute multi-cam view of the (mostly) unedited episode.


Brian Brushwood: Host
Jason Murphy: Host
Brandt Hughes: camera operator / editor
John Rael: camera operator / live audio engineer (ad)
Annaliese Martin: live audio engineer (ep)
Deviant Ollam: guest
Babak Javadi: guest
Danielle L. (Rev): first draft of english captioning


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Turning a Hotel Key Into a Stolen Credit Card
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