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Ready to start Punchin
Born Feb 26, 1978
Known For Saying dumb things in IRC, and winning at show titles for The Ritual Misery Podcast
Podcasts VOD Squad, & Movie Party

PoodlePuncher (aka Clyde Harvey) is a member of chatrealm and co-host of both the VOD Squad podcast and the monthy Movie Party. He has been lurking around chatrealm for several years, but became an active participant during the summer of 2016.


VOD Squad
Movie Party

Other Podcast Appearances

Fun Facts

  • Has visited 15 countries
  • Father of Twins.
  • Grew up in SoCal, but is currently being detained in the frozen tundra known as Minnesota.
  • the angry email read on Episode 6 of Cordkillers was his introduction to chatrealm
    • Brian made fun of his name :(