Worst Anything Accent Ever

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Worst Anything Accent Ever
Number 173
Broadcast Date April 9, 2013
Episode Length 1:07:51
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests PadreSJ, OMG Chad

PadreSJ and Chad Johnson are coming at you LIVE in (mostly) 720p at 16fps to ruthlessly mock the newly re-tooled OMGcraft YouTube series.


Opening Video

Taylor Swift "We are never getting back together" Cover

Chad Becomes A Man

Chad is celebrating the launch of the second season of OMGcraft and is on his way to becoming a YouTube celebrity. From here on out, he will face all kinds of insults aimed at him.To help prepare Chad for the deluge, they will run him through the criticism gauntlet and in an interesting twist, Chad will be joining in on the insults using different accents suggested by Brian, Justin and Padre.

  • Hayseed southerner that regrets leaving Austin since they are soon getting Google Fiber.
  • Northern Atheist that is tired of the jibber-jab of the anti-christ that is Chad.
  • Member of the Jamaican Bobsled team that hates Bob Saget
  • Chad's older brother, Brad, that just got out of jail.


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Ruinum Update

Brian and Justin SWEAR that they're gonna sign the paperwork sometime soon. Things are happening.

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • Chad - "Iron ore is very useful for making iron objects."

Fun Facts


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