Not Racist

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Not Racist
Number 174
Broadcast Date April 16, 2013
Episode Length 1:13:51
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests OMG Chad, Lamarr Wilson

This week on NSFW, OMG Chad returns for the second week in a row and he is joined by Lamarr Wilson from This Week in YouTube. They get a ruling on how racist Night Attack 2 is and then they talk about some of the worst videos on YouTube.


Opening Video

Brian's rage

Brian is Fucking PISSED

So usually in the preshow, Brian takes the Chatrealm's suggestions for the opening video. Well, tonight, Brian's internet connection and a million other things conspired to ruin literally everything. It started with YouTube not being able to play a video for more than 3 seconds at a time and it escalated to most of Brian's studio setup crapping out.


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How Completely Racist is Night Attack 2?

Brian and Justin are worried that their upcoming comedy album, Night Attack 2: Enjoy the Garden could be taken as racist. Since our racial liaison, OhDoctah, has been absent from the internet for the last year or two, we have the next best thing in Lamarr Wilson. Brian and Justin played a bit of the album in order to get a ruling on whether or not they are racist.

Spoiler alert: They're verified 100% non-racist.

Anyway, it's out on April 20th, buy it on Amazon or iTunes, or both if you're awesome.


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The Worst Things on YouTube

Since Lamarr and Chad are two of the hosts of "This Week in YouTube" there was a lot of Tube talk. Part of the talk was about the worst thing they've ever seen on YouTube.

Among the worst videos ever were:


Brian, Justin and Chad took a look at the first video interaction between Brian and Justin on Justin's old show "Talking Head TV". At this point, Brian and Justin were total strangers to each other. Brian was some guy whose podcast jumped up to the top of iTunes and Justin was "The Media". Watch their Justin's interview with Revision3's newest podcast host, Brian Brushwood here.

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • Justin: "Because as it turns out, his mother WAS a bus!"
  • Justin: "Think of it as "Doctor Who" meets "White Men Can't Jump", but racist."
  • Chad: "Look at that desk."

Fun Facts

  • Chad made the naked vlog video public only for a few minutes during the show. It has since been made private again.


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