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The BBverse or BB Universe is a shared universe consisting of podcasts, live streams, and other projects by Brian Brushwood.

Core Items

Secondary Items

Cross Over

The core items of the BBverse often cross over with each other.

  • NSFW and Weird Things are both co-hosted by Justin Robert Young.
  • Scam School has featured guest appearances by both NSFW and BBLiveShow guests and hosts.
  • Scam School has on occasion featured inside jokes of NSFW and BBLiveShow.
  • Early BBLiveShow episodes frequently featured videos from BBOTR.

Other Universes

  • Universe X - Universe created during the OMGConan hoax in which NSFW doesn't exist.
  • Bizarro Universe - Not much is known of this universe except that Emtracker, Amtrekker's arch-nemesis, was born here.
  • DIAF Universe - Although DIAF itself, as a piece of fiction, falls within the BBverse, the content of DIAF takes place within its own "realm".