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Perhaps you were looking for Die in a fire and not this podcast

DIAF Cover Art

DIAF is a series of audiobooks presented in podcast format. Written by members of Chat Realm, DIAF stories follow the adventures of Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young.

The DIAF series was originally conceived and written by Josh Hilp, but Brian has called for contributions from all fans who are interested in writing a series of five chapters at a time.

Show Format

Each audiobook begins with either Brian or Justin opening up the chapter stating their names and the author of the chapter. They then proceed to read the chapter word-for-word in various voices and accents. Sometimes Justin mispronounces words. For example, he may say microwave instead of microphone or slut instead of shut.

Late on December 28, 2010, Brian announced that he would record a chapter every night, for the rest of his life, if they are available.


The named characters of the story (in order of appearance) are:

  • Brian - One of the protagonists who has appeared in a strange land about which he is very confused
  • Justin - Brian's best friend and the second protagonist
  • Leo Laporte - The creator of the TWiT network. This is the actual Leo Laporte.
  • Sir Cheeto - A knight who rescues Brian and Justin from a demon and takes them to town on his Amazing Horse
  • Giggleloop - A wisecracking barmaid
  • eSpen the Insane - The crazy town drunk who often speaks in a foreign tongue
  • Teetu - The town bard who plays such music as Cat Crack and Brodyquest
  • Captain Drewsipher - A captain of the guard with a mighty pet raptor
  • Swagger - A young knight of Chatrealm that volunteers for crazy somewhat stupid missions
  • Private Aloic - Another young knight that volunteers for non-sane missions
  • Kuhan - A bumbling young Chatrealmite who can be the cause of trouble, but can also be of great use to Chatrealm
  • Patrick Delahanty - The "Keeper of Knowledge" who our heroes ask for guidance to return home.
  • Shadow Guy - The man who researches the files for Patrick Delahanty in the Library.
  • Andrew Mayne - A friend of Justin & Brian who happens to be the only person to come to Chatrealm like Brian & Justin and leave
  • Ronaketh the D - One of the Great Defenders of Chatrealm who guides our heroes to the cave that will return them home
  • Spider Merritt - An evil beast who tries to kill Ronaketh
  • Ekaproxy - Another of the Great Defenders of Chatrealm who saves Ronaketh from untimely demise


  • TWiT Cottage - The place where the story begins. This is where Brian and Justin meet with Leo Laporte and find the doorway to...
  • Chatrealm - The city in which most of the supporting characters reside and where the bulk of the story takes place
  • The Bar - Run by Giggleloop, this is where the characters often congregate
  • 4Chan - Chatrealm's neighbors to the east with whom they often enter disputes
  • The Library - The building in which Patrick Delahanty is found