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Justin and Brian doing BBLiveShow in Universe X
BBverse Timeline as of Mar 16, 2010

In NSFW Episode 16: SXSW Guaranteed, Guaranteed it was revealed that another universe was created when the NSFW crew blew up twitter with the OMGConan hoax. Fans have dubbed this universe "Universe X" or "The Flash-Sideways Universe". It was later revealed that Universe X is actually a purgatory-like construct that the hosts and frequent guests of BBLiveShow and NSFW went after all of their eventual deaths.


The BB crew lived their lives in Universe X, continuing to do the BBLiveShow for quite some time until they were one by one awakened by producer extrodinare Travis Lopes. Travis became aware of the two timelines after being exposed to physical contact with Hitler's Dice, which would have killed most web producers.

Travis first awakened OhDoctah by following him into an Apple store and shouting the word "Forerunner!" as Owen picked up a new laptop. He later "woke" Amtrekker by introducing him to @katymoe at a screening of Zombieland at the local movie theater. TL had a great deal of trouble waking Justin Robert Young but was eventually successful when he convinced a police officer that Justin was a terrorist. The police officer set his dog after Justin who in turned kicked the dog square in the jaw, and at that moment was awoken to where he really was.

All of the awoken BB crew gathered together with a still unaware Brian Brushwood in a UStream channel, along with many other awoken NSFW guests such as Tom Merritt, Veronica Belmont, Greg Grunberg, the guys from Film Riot, OMG_Chad, Dane Golden, Leo Laporte, and that guy from the Life and Times of Tim; and woke Brian by having him put his hand on his quad-core monster computer which he spent so much time with in his actual life trying to fix so he could do his podcasts. Brian's iTunes window then opened with a beautiful white glow and all of the people involved with the podcasts in the BBVerse ascended to the number 1 podcast on iTunes.

Differences with Regular Universe Continuity

Unanswered Questions

  • How did each of the BB crew die?
  • Did Amtrekker go to SXSW?
  • What happened at the Diggnation party in this universe?
  • Are the early BBLiveShow episodes we have seen in the regular universe the same in Universe X?
  • Why was Justin raging about shopping carts?
  • Since twitwars never happened, is TWIF still on the air?
  • Does OMG_Chad intern for Brian in this universe?
  • Is there a Frodo Baggins story in this universe?
  • Has BBLiveShow been doing the same episodes NSFW did?
  • Does Conan still have the Tonight Show? If so, what replaced the OMGConan hoax? Personifried posed a theory in this tweet.
  • Are Fapper and Mr Happy Pants constructs in this Universe due to being plush? Do they even exist in Universe X, and if not, what did they do that got them kicked out of heaven, when Shwood and JuRY got in just fine?
  • Is Kuhan still despised?
  • Seriously, where the fuck is Walt?