Blow and Hoe

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Blow and Hoe
Number 93
Broadcast Date March 22, 2013
Episode Length 1:11:59
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, Bonnie Brushwood

Bonnie “The Invisible Wife” joins Brian and Justin to discuss the Week of Weird. A school in Maryland begin instituting a series of outlandish new regulations. Can Bonnie and Brian force themselves and their children to adapt? With all the Pope talk, Justin reveals the most closely guarded papal secret of all time. Meanwhile, the Brushwoods imagine a past where they become teenage super heroes named Blow and Hoe.


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Maryland School for the Boring and Sensitive

Justin proposes a scenario in which the Brushwoods are moving to Maryland. Of course, when you move your family with young children, a concern would be what school your children go to. The local school has some rules that may be a little different from what you would be used to. Brian and Bonnie were mainly just worried about their rules on discussing "toots" and inappropriate touching. However the school actually has bans on birthday invitations, homemade food and hugs.

They've banned birthday invitations on campus because kids who don't get invitations could feel left out. Homemade foods are barred in favor of store-bought foods with ingredient lists to make sure all food allergies are taken into account.

Pope's Gone Wild

Justin recently talked with PadreSJ on the JuRY podcast about the past and present Popes. Listen to their discussion here. Invigorated from that discussion, Justin asked Brian and Bonnie about some of the craziest things that have ever happened in the Vatican.

There is a myth that says that the Pope and the Pope's posse were riding on horseback, when the Pope gave birth… because she was a lady. Shortly after, she was murdered for not having a penis. She is known as "Pope Joan" and the whole story might be totally made up, but we don't know for sure.

Blow and Hoe

Brian and Bonnie come up with their superhero identities. Brian decided that he will be The Leafblower and, completing the gardening theme, Bonnie is "The Hoe". Together they are "Blow and Hoe".

One night, Blow and Hoe are beat up and incapacitated by a group of thugs. Blow and Hoe are very determined to keep the streets clean, so they continue to protect the city. In this way, they are more brave than a Manchester couple going by the names of 'Kight Warrior' and 'Knight Maiden' who were beaten up, leading to their retirement.

Brian proposes that, in the future, people could wear certain clothes that would be able to collect DNA from a potential attacker, have recording devices and be able to alert the authorities. These clothes would be clearly recognizable and act as a deterrent to ne're-do-wells.





Great Quotes

  • "No one wants to see a fat hoe." - Justin

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