The Trials of King Leo

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The Trials of King Leo
Number 25
Broadcast Date May 25, 2010
Episode Length 1:06:07
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Leo Laporte
The usurper: Robospider Tom!

Robospider Tom challenged Leo Laporte to his throne as King of the Internet.


After intros and pleasantries, Justin and Brian explain that Leo's rule of the Internet has been challenged. They propose that they move to quash the usurper...who turns out to be Tom Merritt! He has challenged Leo!

Challenge 1: Current Events

It's a Blitz Quiz! Leo gets a chance to answer a question for a point. If he fails, the Internet will get the chance to earn that point.

  • Steve Case, when he was in charge of AOL, said he almost bought which search giant for $2 million? [need the exact question]

Leo incorrectly answered "Google". Brian called David who answered "Yahoo!" and guessed correctly.

For the next round, the Internet goes first and Brian called Mike.

  • New court documents show that in 2007, Google offered $500,000,092 to buy what company? [need the exact question]

Mike didn't know, but Leo answered Viacom and got it correct.

  • The CEO of what tech company wrote a Washington Post editorial explaining their action? [need the exact question]

Leo got it correct. [What was the answer?] Next, the Internet goes first... (No name was given.)

  • This is the latest rumored telecom to be getting the iPhone in 2010.

The caller answered Verizon, but was incorrect since it was not the latest. Leo correctly answered Sprint.

  • Which blogger was told to F-off by blogger Carl Bartz.

Leo shouted, "Screw you, Mike Arrington!"

Challenge 2: Tech Knowledge

In this round, robospider-Tom challenged Leo to tech knowledge.

Brian calls the next contestant to take on Leo in a Blitz Quiz, Nick. He is asked...

  • What does PDF stand for?

Nick answered "but Cuba!" Before Leo answered, Brian explained where "but Cuba" came from. Of course, Leo got the answer correct.

The next caller was Tom from Maine, but Brian remembered Leo was supposed to go next, so Tom was told "but Cuba!" Leo was asked...

  • What is the difference between turing complete and turing equivalents?

Leo got it wrong and Justin read the Wikipedia entry to explain before the Internet could they went to a new question for Patrick.

  • How many buttons on a standard size keyboard?

Patrick answered 141 and Leo answered 108...and then 114. All wrong. They said the answer was 105, but 101 and 104 are actually fairly standard.

Next, Leo is asked...

  • How many cores are in the Intel extreme edition [something] processor?

Leo got it wrong. It was they turned to the Internet with a new question.

  • What are the power connections to a standard AMD HD 5870 graphics card?

The caller answered "4 six-pin connections" and was Leo wins by default and knew it was two connections.

Challenge 3: Impressions

Robospider-Tom challenged Leo to impressions next...and promoted his call-in voice mail number, 260-TNT-SHOW.

For this challenge, Leo and the Internet had to read quotable lines in accents suggested by the chat room.

Justin gives the Internet member a quote to read in a Swedish accent...but he read it in more of a Lucky Charms accent. Leo gave it a go and was much closer to a stereotypical Swedish accent.

Next, Leo has to read a Steve Jobs quote as "rough night Foghorn Leghorn".

For the next quote, Brian called Adam and had him read a quote from Leo in the voice of an eskimo who accidentally murdered his wife. After Adam tried, he was told to GTFO! Leo gave it a go and Brian and Justin started cracking up right away.

Challenge 4: Physical Challenge

Robospider-Tom challenged Leo to Tweet out, "Hey, everyone: @shwood and @JustinRYoung of #NSFWshow are hilarious! Follow them immediately!"

He did1 while Justin promoted Weird Things TV.

Once the final challenge was complete, Robospider-Tom conceited defeat...and promoted Tech News Today premiering June 1st.

New Champion! Woo!

  • Leo. Hands down.

Great Quotes

  • "Get me some more toast!" -Leo
  • "This is the creator of Hitchhikers Guide to Dilbert, Scott Adams" -Brian
  • "But Cuba, that's good!" -Chat Room
  • "You sounded like your mom. I wasn't sure." -Leo to Adam
  • "This is the most overproduced show I've ever seen." -Leo (in after show)


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