Coruscant Empire

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Coruscant Empire
Coach Palpatine
Captain Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin
Big Man Anakin “Vader” Skywalker
Offense Boba Fett
Defense Jango Fett
Utility Mara Jade
Others Grand Admiral Thrawn, General Grievous, General Maximillian Veers
Theme Song Imperial March
Motto Strike Back!
Concessions Nerf sausage, Haarshun bread, Beer
Championships none
Playoff Appearances 2012
Joined FSL 2011
Stadium Imperial Palpatine Stadium
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The Coruscant Empire is a team competing in FSL. They were elevated in 2011, and in their first year they went 4-6. In 2012, they went 7-3 and finished second in the Western Division, qualifying for the playoffs. They lost in the semifinals to the Vulcan Velocity, 8-5. 2013 will be their third season in the FSL.