Lannisport Lions

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Lannisport Lions
Coach Tywin Lannister (GM)
Captain Joffrey Baratheon
Big Man Sandor Clegane
Offense Bronn Sellsword
Defense Tyrion Lannister
Utility Cersei Lannister
Others Tommen Baratheoon, Timmet Timmetson, Varys Spider
Theme Song Rains of Castemere
Motto Get paid!
Concessions Venison Bowl, Beef Trenchers
Championships 2012
Playoff Appearances 2012
Joined FSL 2012
Stadium The Rock Arena
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The Lannisport Lions are the current FSL Champions, having won the title in their first year of competition. They were elevated in 2012, and in the regular season went 6-4 and won the Western Division championship. They defeated the Arrakis Sandworms 4-3 in the first round, before defeating the Vulcan Velocity in the championship. Cersei Lannister was game MVP, leading the Lions to a 9-8 win, despite a valiant comeback by James T. Kirk and Vulcan.