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Fsl logo.png
Sport yes
Teams 8
Divisions 2
Current Champion Lannisport Lions
Commissioner Hari Seldon

The FSL is a fantasy sports league that little is actually known about, however it is detailed in-depthly in the podcast FSL Tonight hosted by Justin Robert Young and Tom Merritt.

The League

The FSL is a league that competes in a very poorly described sport. We are never told what the game actually is, but we can assume that it is something like a mix of soccer and football. Even the name "FSL" is never explained; while most agree that it stands for "Fantasy Sports League," FSL Tonight hosts Tom Merritt and Justin Robert Young have both said that its just "FSL". An August 29, 2012 FSL press release, however, stated that it stood for: FSLiac Morventium Circus de Qapla Nangwë![1] Whatever it originally stood for, even ‘The Founders' refer to the meaning of FSL as ‘Federation of Sporting Leagues”. It is purest coincidence that it is spelled in all caps and could be mistaken for an acronym.


The FSL was originally founded by 'The Founders,’ but little is known of them. Their existence existence outside of time plays havoc with historians ability to reconstruct past events in the league. At some point, the FSL was formed by the cooperation of various sporting associations, from different universes and dimensions, like the Westeros League, The Cybertron Matrix, the UFP and others, agreed to be governed by one rule-making body. In recent years the top eight teams from the overall FSL were chosen to play in a sort of FSL "Premier" League which is the league we know of today as the FSL. Membership in the FSL is fluid, as each year the worst teams drop down to the minor leagues and are replaced by the best performing minor league teams. (see Relegation, below)

2011 Season

Eastern Division W L GB Pct.
x-Serenity Valley Fireflys 8 2 -- .800
x-Canton Jaynes 4 6 4 .400
Vulcan Velocity 3 7 5 .300
z-Alderaan Rebels 2 8 6 .200
Western Division W L GB Pct.
x-Mordor Crows 10 0 -- 1.000
x-Arrakis Barons 6 4 4 .600
Coruscant Empire 4 6 6 .400
z-Qo’noS Raiders 3 7 7 .300
x- qualified for playoffs; z-relegated


Canton 1, Serenity 0

Mordor 2, Arrakis 1

2011 Championship:

Canton 2, Mordor 1

2012 Season

Eastern Division W L GB Pct.
x-Vulcan Velocity 9 1 -- .900
x-Coruscant Empire 7 3 2 .700
Mordor Crows 4 6 5 .400
z-Serenity Valley Fireflys 3 7 6 .300
Western Division W L GB Pct.
x-Lannisport Lions 6 4 -- .600
x-Arrakis Sandworms 5 5 1 .500
Rivendell Fellowship 4 6 2 .400
z-Winterfell Direwolves 2 8 4 .200
x- qualified for playoffs; z-relegated


Vulcan 8, Coruscant 5

Lannisport 4, Arrakis 3

2012 Championship:

Lannisport 9, Vulcan 8


The league currently has eight teams split between the Eastern and Western Divisions. The season consists of 10 weeks, with the top two teams of each division going to the playoffs. The playoffs are only two rounds- the first being the division foes facing off and the second being the championship game.


At the end of the season, the two worst teams in the league are sent down to the minors and two minor league teams get brought up for the next season.


Stan Lee served as commissioner of the FSL until he was removed for making controversial moves that angered "The Founders". Hari Seldon was named new commissioner as his replacement, despite having been deceased for many centuries.

The Teams

Current teams

Former Teams

Current Champion

Lannisport Lions