Vulcan Velocity

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Vulcan Velocity
Coach T’Pel
Captain Spock
Big Man James T. Kirk
Offense T'Pring
Defense Sarek
Utility Leonard "Bones" McCoy
Others T’Pol, Talok, Stonn
Theme Song Song of the Sundering
Motto Escape to the inescapable
Concessions Kreila and Mashya
Championships none
Playoff Appearances 2012
Joined FSL 2011
Stadium Amonak Memorial Stadium
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The Vulcan Velocity is a team competing in FSL. In 2012, they went 9-1 and won the Eastern Division, and qualified for the playoffs. They defeated the Coruscant Empire 8-5 in the first round, before falling to the Lannisport Lions 9-8 in the Championship game.

2011 Season

2012 Season

The Velocity breezed to a 9-1 record despite repeated clashes between Spock and James T. Kirk. They made it to the FSL Championship Game against Lannisport, where they fell behind 9-2, and despite a valiant comeback effort from Kirk but lost to Lannisport 9-8.