Now Apologizing Convention Attendees

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Now Apologizing Convention Attendees
Number 64
Broadcast Date February 22, 2011
Episode Length 1:03:55
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Tom Merritt

Brian is live from Giggleloop's basement along with Kuhan to play some But Cuba! oh and we ruin Brian's career forever...


Tom's many hat changes

Opening Video

An Australian news clip


Brian is in St. Louis for the NACA convention where performers go to meet with colleges to get booked for performances. So this year, NACA organized a twitter hash tag (#NACA2011) for everyone to use. So now all of Chatrealm is being unleashed on Twitter to talk about all of the amazing things that they saw Brian Brushwood doing. See all of the Adobeshops here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE Things got a little out of hand, so please don't spam #NACA2011 anymore! Don't even apologize on the #NACA2011 hashtag...just stop using it completely! (...although after the conference ends, it won't really matter anyway.)

but Cuba

Originally called "Lost in Translation", the game was renamed after the infamous "but Cuba" line that came from the first time they played the game.

  • "Debate amongst peers"
    • Read in the voice of : A 1950s era British aristocrat.
    • Brian's Guess: The Rent Is Too Damn High guy (correct)
  • "A sad state of affairs"
    • Read in the voices of : A gruff plumber who lives in the Bronx, C-3PO, and Gumshoe.
    • Tom: Bed Intruder (correct)
  • "Culture"
    • Read in the voice of : Shaggy (of Scooby-Doo fame).
    • Brian: Ms. Teen South Carolina (correct)

Brian wins!


JuRY hates all the merpeople in the sea so that's why he created

Go to for a 14-day free trial. Presents: Change of Plans

The NACA 2011 Twitter bit totally fell apart during the Squarespace read when Brian got texts and a phone call from his agent telling him to stop the tweeting. The NACA folks were getting annoyed. This situation was frighteningly similar to the SXSW GDGT party where Brian encouraged people to take advantage of the large Twitter screen which soon filled up with 8===D.

How many other NACA performers were a worldwide trending topic on Twitter?

So instead of going through with their third bit, they decided to deal with this new very real problem. Somebody even made

However there is a positive side to this whole ordeal; during Brian's live meltdown, he became the #1 worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

At about 3am EST, Brian started a livestream and revealed all was well and it wasn't as bad as he feared.

New Champion! Woo!

  • Brian for becoming a world-wide trending topic

Great Quotes

  • "Am I on speakerphone?" - Brian's agent

Fun Facts

  • Before this episode, Twitter was one of the last sites that chatrealm was unable to successfully game.
  • Tom Merritt wore 51 different hats from the pre-show to the end of the show.
  • In case you missed it, the name of the episode is a reference to NACA.
  • Brian broadcast from Giggleloop's basement.
  • Kuhan was present during the recording of Frame Rate, but had to leave to drive friends home from a wake. He returned halfway through this episode.
  • During last year's NACA conference in Boston, Brian broadcast The Life and Times of Chat Roulette from Patrick Delahanty's studio.


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