Knocking on Virgin's Door

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Knocking on Virgin's Door
Number 158
Broadcast Date December 21, 2012
Episode Length 55:22
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Penelope Brushwood, Josephine Brushwood, Andrew Bancroft, OMG Chad, Bonnie Brushwood, Tom Merritt, Veronica Belmont, Calliope Brushwood

In this episode, the guys fight through technical difficulties to bring you the story of a true Christmas miracle.


Opening Video

Conversation with a Jaded Elf


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The Nativity Story

It's a yearly tradition for the NSFW show gang to re-enact their version of a classic Christmas tale. This year they are performing THE Christmas tale.. ya know... the one about Jesus and stuff. Like every other year the performance is done with no preparation, however this time Justin wrote the narrator's lines before hand.

  • Andrew- Narrator
  • Brian- Joseph
  • Bonnie- Mary
  • Tom- God
  • Chad- Innkeeper
  • Justin- The Three Wise Men (R.L. Stine, Postini and Carney Cow)
  • Veronica- Angel
  • Calliope- Self

Calliope Dafnay Brushwood

The baby formerly known as "Bobo" has finally been born and her name is Calliope Dafnay Brushwood. Yes, her actual, for-reals middle name is "Dafnay". It's pronounced like "Daphne" but just has an awesome spelling that is a reference to a character from short-lived video game podcast.

Christmas Presents

This year, Bill Doran created custom Diamond Club belt buckles for both Brian and Justin. Then a few members of the Chatrealm got together and created some custom Converse hightops with the faces and names of Chatrealm members on them.

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • Bonnie- "Funny thing about dates; you usually have them before God impregnates you."
  • Chad- "You sure you don't wanna say something so I can take the story in another direction?"

Fun Facts

  • The show was meant to start at 2pm Pacific time, however Brian had a giant pile of tech problems that pushed the show back to after 3pm.
  • During the second half of the Nativity story, the stream got nearly unwatchable with constant freezes. Brian restarted the stream a few times, but the problem persisted through the rest of the show.
  • This is the second NSFW show recorded in the afternoon and they both had horrific technical problems. The first was Episode 22 (Take 1). And THAT'S why you never have an afternoon NSFW show!
  • Jessica is a whore!





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