Live from Kinkos

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Live from Kinkos
Number 54
Broadcast Date December 15, 2010
Episode Length 1:01:19
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Chad Johnson

On this episode of NSFW, Brian is live from Indonesia, the chatrealm creates some Indonesian advertisements, and will Chad get his fair maiden?


No Opening Video

This week the guys are on opposite sides of the globe and SO MUCH more has happened in the last week. NSFW has been named one of the top podcasts by both iTunes and Zune!

Indonesian Update

During the summer, a man called up Brian to book him for a huge magic special in Indonesia. He was told that in Indonesia, magicians are like rock stars, there are press conferences and appearances, it's crazy. The day he gets there, he has to do an appearance on "Dahsyat", their version of TRL, where he introduced the top 10. He explains how extremely difficult it is because of the language barrier, but it goes great and he even demonstrates the The Human Chimney. Now the next day is the HUGE show. They expect to get around 50 million viewers, WAY higher than any show in America gets. Then on top of that, in Indonesia they do everything totally live, so there is no room for error. So the show starts where all of the magicians line up on stage holding a puppet that looks exactly like themselves then the explosions go off and sparks rain down on them and they take a seat. Luckily the whole performance went fine and you can watch it here. But what really surprised Brian was, afterwards, there was a huge press conference, similar to what you would see after a sporting event.

Indonesian Ads

Chat Realm worked on Adobeshop ads, to make sure everyone in Indonesia watched NSFW. Justin concluded that if only 70% of the Indonesians that watched Brian's magic show watched NSFW, it would be the biggest podcast on the internet.

View all of the the posters here.

Young Love

After Brian's performance in Indonesia, he was backstage with the press and other magicians who performed that night. After a while a young (17) female performer named Princess Rizuki came to talk with Brian. Then she turned to Chad and said "You are very handsome". Brian, seeing what could turn into a wonderful international relationship, asked the chatrealm to come up with things that Chad should tweet to Rizuki in order to woo her. A few viewers set up fake twitter accounts pretending to Chad and started tweeting to Rizuki. Up until a few minutes before the show started, Chad had no idea that he was going to be in this episode.

Suggested Tweets:

  • "When NSFW happens, I make rainbows and sweet sweet music (+_^)"
  • "Brian Brushwood needs a new assistant and I need a girlfriend. Let's kill two birds with one stone"
  • "@PrincessRizuki Umm, Proms are dances in high school. #WillYouGoWithMeYesOrNo"
  • "@PrincessRizuki Umm, are there proms in Indonesia? #IHaveToMakeFakeBloodFirst
  • "@PrincessRizuki #PantsCheck Off"
  • "So I heard you like mudkips."
  • "Your dad must have been a baker, because you've got a nice set of buns in there... and I'd like to put my hot dog between them. Not in a sexual way, ohh no no, I carry a bag of hot dogs with me at all times... ya never know"
  • "I know how Mario must feel, 'cause I really want to clean your pipes."
  • "I usually press 'X' to pick up weapons. Does that work for picking YOU up as well?"
  • "Just marry me, binch!"
  • "Hey, how about I get all up on that, because baby I need your sex syrup."
  • "@PrincessRizuki You. Me. Metamorphosis trunk in five minutes."


Ford Sync

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If they don't get 1 billion new Squarespace users in the next week, NSFW gets cancelled!

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New Champion! Woo!

  • NSFW! For being one of the top podcasts of 2010!

Great Quotes

"...nine-eleven assist..." -Justin in the Ford billboard


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Fun Facts

  • This is the first episode where a host has been in a foreign country.



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