The NSFW Christmas Spectacular

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The NSFW Christmas Spectacular
Number 55
Broadcast Date December 21, 2010
Episode Length 1:01:34
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests OMG Chad, ghosts of Christmas, and Santa Claus

In this episode of NSFW, Brian and Justin perform their version of A Christmas Carol and are then visited by the one and only Santa Claus!


Conversations with a Jaded Elf

The show features a few segments with Brian talking to a little elf (who looks a lot like his daughter Penny). The conversations include what gets eaten at the North Pole and who is on the naughty and nice list.

  • Brian Brushwood
  • Bonnie Brushwood
  • Penny Brushwood
  • Josie Brushwood
  • James Earl Jones
  • James Earl Ray
  • John Wayne Gacy
  • John Wayne Bobbit
  • Barrack Hussein Obama
  • Ke$ha
  • Steve Buscemi
  • Justin Robert Young
  • Leo Laporte
  • Tom Merritt
  • Jason Howell
  • John Wilkes Booth
  • Ronald Wilson Reagan
  • Lady Gaga
  • Steve Martin
  • The Chatrealm
  • Sarah Lane
  • Tony Wang
  • Julian Assange

105.9 The Cat

The greatest Estonian Chatrealmer, T2t2 created 105.9 THE CAT, an internet radio station that plays all of the viral videos from NSFW and BBLiveShow including ad reads and user created attack ads. It is updated almost every day so there is always new stuff to check out.

ChatRealm Gifts

The wonderful Leon bought Brian a new microphone for the studio.

Also, 10 chatrealmers got together to buy gifts for Justin and Brian. They were, Ronak, Giggleloop, eSpen, JoshHilp, Ian3314, Ekaproxy, Snoop_Dizzle, LonelyDotGeek, Leon and At0m12.

For Justin, they got a Darth Vader lightsaber and a Magic Wand/Universal Remote for Brian.

A Christmas Carol

The guys are going to reenact an NSFW version of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" straight from memory, in one take, without any preparation.

It was quite a performance, check it out, it starts at about 10 minutes in.

A Visit from Santa

The call with Santa started out with a few technical problems as he couldn't figure out how to send video on Skype, but it eventually got figured out.

The first letter was from Drewsipher, who asked "Which celebrity makes the best plate of cookies and do you prefer chocolate or regular milk?" Unfortunately, Santa wasn't listening because he was trying to figure out how to send video on Skype.

The next letter was from Rob, who lent his iPod to his girlfriend and now she is going to give it to her mother as a Christmas present! How should he go about getting the iPod back?

Santa recommends that he "kill the bitch". Problem solved.

Then Sam asked, what happens if a naughty kid asks for coal, does he still get it?

Santa responds with a recommendation to invest in coal since the cost of heating is so high.

Patrick Delahanty asked for a job at TWiT.

Santa responds by saying that for the past few years, he has been unemployed because all of his shows keep getting cancelled so he is not a very good person to ask.

Eric asks, how do you dodge all of the missiles that are launched at him when he flies over Iran?

Santa says that it is very hard, but not as hard as watching this show.

A different Eric says that there is a Santa in the NSFW show! He's climbin' in your chimneys, snatchin' your cookies up, trying to eat them. So you better hide your cookies, hide your milk and hide your candy canes cause he's eating everything out here (It goes on, but you get the point).

Santa determines that Eric has been a very bad boy, so he will be coming at him with one of the glocks that he made in his workshop.

This letter comes from Richard. He explains how he is a cop who is partnered with a guy who uses a knight stick covered in Hello Kitty stickers. Should he steal the stick and beat him with it? Or would that put him on the naughty list?

Santa is very confused by this letter.

The last letter is from Bill Meeks. He explains that he is the guy that Santa sideswiped in 2005 and whom no longer gets presents.

Santa explains that since there is so much hate being flung at Santa, not many people are going to be getting gifts this year. Instead of throwing hate at the big man, they should just pray to him.


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As a Brushwood family tradition since '94, they have been giving websites to each other and every year the servers would crumble when the family tried to go see it. Then to add insult to injury it would be Dugg and "Reddit-ed-d-d-d" and the servers would be a steaming pile of mush.

Luckily now we have SQUARESPACE!

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New Champion! Woo!

  • The cast of A Christmas Carol
  • Cheeto organized submissions

Great Quotes

"Santa's using a ******* Mac!" -Santa Claus
"Santa recommends threatening to kill the bitch!" -Santa Claus
"I was on a drunk!" -Santa Claus
"Santa is gonna come at you with the quickness and represent with one of the Glocks that Santa made in his elven place where we do the workshop stuff." -Santa Claus


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