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Mustache Sniffers
Number 140
Broadcast Date August 14, 2012
Episode Length 1:13:56
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Shannon Morse

In this episode, there are EVEN MORE developments with The Diamond Club, Shannon explains videos to the audio listeners and Chad turns into a dinosaur.


Opening Video

More Quick and Simple Life Hacks

The Diamond Club

Brian and Justin SWEAR that this will be the last time that they discuss The Diamond Club but things just keep happening! It's not their fault!

First off, a lovely lady under the pseudonym "Jackie Hern" has begun to record the audiobook for The Diamond Club. You can listen to it all here.

Second, Brian and Justin received an e-mail from a soldier in Afghanistan whose friend lost a leg. In the e-mail, he claims that the premise behind the chapter "Three Legged-Larry" is totally true.

Third, Brian and Justin were invited to do an interview on NPR. Of course they agreed to it and proceeded to do the pre-interview and it seemed like everything went well. However, they received an e-mail back saying that it would be much easier for them if they only had one of them do the interview rather than both of them. After a very awkward phone conversation with each other, Brian and Justin decided that Justin should be the one that does the interview.

Fourth, just before the show started, Justin and Brian discovered an actual female human being on twitter who is a fan of Patricia Harkins-Bradley and The Diamond Club. Brian and Justin kept her identity private and ask that the Chatrealm not contact her.

Fifth, CodeMonkeyX printed 40 physical paperback copies of The Diamond Club and sent them to the TWiT Brickhouse. Praise be to CodeMonkeyX!

Chad's Hair

Fans of TWiT know that OMG Chad's hair had a bit of an identity crisis over the previous few months. When he worked with Brian, he was just a weirdo with long brown hair, however when he moved to the TWiT Network, he became a bright-red haired lunatic. During the recording of this episode, his hair made a second transformation into a new beast.


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What is Shannon Watching?

There are literally DOZENS of NSFW fans that either don't want to, or aren't able to watch the video podcast, so sometimes the guest has to explain the video to the audio listeners.

This time, Shannon explains Karate Chimp and Weird Finnish Guy Freaks Out While Eating Licorice.


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Dragon*Con Planning

World famous blues musician Old John Smokey has said he would be in attendance at the live NSFW at Dragon*Con: Con of a Dragon Three Equals Equals Equals Dee AND he sent in a few songs from his new EP that Brian played on the show.

Then, as if there weren't enough musicians a the live NSFW, a certain musician who may or may not have performed at a party during SXSW and may or may not have been on an NSFW episode and may or may not be a woman, may or may not be down to perform live at Dragon*Con.

Belt Winner

  • Beltbet rules: Nobody
  • Aftershow: Shannon

Great Quotes

Fun Facts

  • Discovered in the aftershow: John Stossel + Ira Sockman = Marge Simpson
  • With the money earned from The Diamond Club, Brian, Justin and Brett made a $10,000 cartoon. Watch it!
  • The preferred American spelling is "mustache" but TWiT posted this episode with a spelling of "moustache".


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