Night of 1000 Announcements

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Night of 1000 Announcements
Number 218
Broadcast Date February 18, 2014
Episode Length 2:16:30
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Scott Johnson, Brian Ibbott

This week. Things happen. Brian Ibbott and Scott Johnson are here and something you love won't be around two weeks from now. But enough about House of Cards AM I RIGHT?!


Opening Video

CROTCH ROCK THAT GIRL - Slick Mahoney ft. Flint Flossy

First Announcement

Old John Smokey will perform live on NSFW in 2 weeks!


Brian and Justin fire up their virtual 12-sided dice to choose and discuss some random topics on

More Announcements

2) We have dates for Nerdtacular 2014!

4th of July weekend!

3) Brian and Justin will be at Nerdtacular!

4) They're gonna do another Night Attack (Live)!


Go to and use the code "NSFW" to get 20% off the lifetime of your account. That's less than $5 per month!

Even More Announcements

5)Tay Allyn will be performing live at the official South By So Wasted party at South By Southwest.

6)The Possum Posse will also be performing at South By So Wasted

7)Tom Merritt is nominated for a Shorty Award.

8)Veronica is also nominated for a Shorty Award.

Saddest Kickstarter Update

The Saddest Kickstarter from last week (link) has gone over $1,300. That's $1,100 more than when we found it.


Go to for a 14-day free trial and use the offer code "NSFW2" to get 10% off your first order.


9) NSFW well be featured on Alpha Geek radio

10) Coverville Radio will be a thing

11) now has Strawpoll integration

12) The Morning Stream will be simulcast on

The BIG Announcement

13) NSFW is ending it's tenure on the TWiT Network.

Brian and Justin have decided to end the NSFW show and go out on their own, separate from any network, with their new show Night Attack. With NSFW's off-color content, there have always been rumors of cancellation, but Brian and Justin want to make it clear: they are not being cancelled. They are leaving TWiT of their own volition. The guys and TWiT agreed that Brian and Justin will be able to create a better show if they are able to relax and say whatever the hell they want without having to worry about screwing things up for the network. This is why they aren't moving to Frogpants or GFQ or Larry's Podcast Emporium. They want to be able to get crazy and talk about things like the Pope foam cappin'. Then if any controversy comes about, it is placed directly on their own shoulders and they aren't ruining anyone else's reputation.

This isn't the end of Brian and Justin on TWiT either. Justin will still be a short drive away from the Brickhouse to do reviews on Before You Buy, and both of them will still guest on various shows from time to time.

The next episode will be their last episode of NSFW. But a week after that episode is the debut of Night Attack. No… not the comedy albums, not the WoW guild, not the felony, the podcast. To get the episodes as well as shorter, comedy album tracks, subscribe to their RSS feed. Episodes will be Tuesday nights, like usual, but they have also mentioned doing more than one episode/thing a week. Stay tuned!


So, they're leaving the loving embrace of the TWiT network. Now they gotta find a way to make dem bills! You can support them through their Patreon page. They only made $350 per episode from TWiT and they passed that mark on Patreon before the end of the show. Within 24 hours, they crossed $1,000 "per Tuesday night shenanigan.

Fourteenth Announcement

  • They got a raise! (Compared to working at TWiT)

I Can't Believe He Got a Sex-Change! But Enough About House of Cards

Brian came up with an idea for a game that has a very limited shelf-life. House of Cards season 2 was released on Netflix the week before. Brian's game is to say something that sounds like a House of Cards spoiler (but isn't) followed by "But enough about


Head over to and you can get $25 your first phone purchase.

Belt Winner

  • Brian

Great Quotes

Fun Facts

  • Brian Ibbott and Scott Johnson are permanently banned from NSFW





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