Not Safe For Women

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Not Safe For Women
Number 68
Broadcast Date March 22, 2011
Episode Length 1:08:19
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson is here to play Name that Auto-Correct and find out what geeky topics hot girls find least interesting.


Opening Video

The Sexy Sax Man

Name That Auto-Correct

Justin takes examples from and Brian and Scott have to guess what they mean to type.

1."Forgot baffles too"

  • Brian: Muffins
  • Scott: Bagels
    • Correct Answer: Baggies

2. "...find some cunt bumpers."

  • Scott: Club bumpers
  • Brian: Cock blockers
    • Correct: Cute Boytoys

3. "I just got arrested."

  • Brian: home
  • Scott: molested
    • Correct: a rescue (dog)

4. "Get her the skin graft set"

  • Brian: skin care CORRECT!

Brian wins! (barely)

Brian’s Right-Hand Man Propaganda

OMG Chad has moved on to TWiT and that opens up a spot as Brian’s new assistant. So the Chatrealm has created a bunch of WWII themed propaganda posters.

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You can make your own site to show how well you are qualified to be Brian’s new right-hand man.

Go to for a 14-day free trial.

What is a Hot Girl Less Interested In?

There’s a lot of hot ladies out there, and many of us guys can be pretty geeky, unfortunately those things don’t always mesh. So the guys got a hold of one of the hottest ladies that has been on NSFW, Allison Kyler. Brian and Scott will talk about very geeky topics and Allison will tell us which one is more interesting.

Round 1

  • Brian: Pooping in Space
  • Scott: The Dark Knight comic book
    • Comic book is less interesting

Round 2

  • Scott: Starcraft 2
  • Brian: Team Fortress 2
    • Starcraft 2 is less interesting

Round 3

  • Brian: Kirk vs. Picard
  • Scott: Why it’s stupid that they changed it so Greedo shot first in the re-release of Star Wars
    • Greedo shooting first is less interesting

Round 4

New Champion! Woo!

Great Quotes

  • Scott: "I think you're bluffing. I'm going to go with....molested"

Justin: "NO! LORD NO! MOLESTED?!" Scott: "Why not?" Justin: "WHAT KIND OF SHOW DO YOU THINK THIS IS?!"

  • Brian: "I'm going to say you need to do a.....transsexual valley girl."

Scott: "Oh, that was close to mine..."

  • Justin: "This is the darkest segment we've ever done in any in-cognation of this show."
  • Justin: "Put the lotion in the basket!"

Fun Facts

  • The preshow of this episode introduced the Chatrealm to Neature Walk
    • The preshow is blocked on YouTube, but you can watch/download it here.
  • Jon Tilton got his friends to Twitter bomb @Shwood during the show in an attempt to get hired. He was successful.


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