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Number 76
Broadcast Date May 17, 2011
Episode Length 1:16:31
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests C. Robert Cargill, Jonathan Mann

Cargill takes time out of his busy Hollywood writer schedule to help some of his fellow Hollywood Celebrities with PR advice.


Cargill Pimping

Cargill has suddenly hit the big time, and quit a few of his blogs, since he just sold his first screen play. It's a horror film, but he can’t really say much about it right now.

PR Experts

  • Mel Gibson

Everybody knows that Mel Gibson has been in some hot water lately, however his new movie has been getting some great reviews. Brian suggests that they need to remove all of the prints of his movie, "The Beaver" and replace the beaver hand puppet with a CGI version of Justin Bieber.

  • Saif al-Adel (new head of Al-Qaeda)

He needs to make the world think that he just some patsy appointed to be the head position. He needs to act like OMJihad.

  • Oprah

She cancelled her show and is falling out of the spotlight. She needs to write a book about how if the show continued there would be a ratings explosion (in a bad way). So, like Darth Vader leaving the Death Star in a Tie Fighter, she is leaving her big network job for a much smaller platform. Then she should feature this book in her book club and make MILLIONS! (Guaranteed, guaranteed.)

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

He recently admitted to having a child with a housekeeper 10 years ago, and now he is divorced. Luckily his child is Juan Connor, which sets up PERFECTLY for another Terminator sequel.


Brian was walking alone through the internet and suddenly Justin Bieber appeared to tell him to get a bad ass web page through Squarespace.

Go to for a 14-day free trial.

Take on Hollywood

Cargill is going to give Brian and Justin the name and the main actors to some artsy films and they need to come up with the plot to the movie. Then Cargill will tell them how close they were.

  • "We Need to Talk About Kevin"

Little known fact: Hitler's nickname was "Kevin". It follows a young Hitler and his American friend in school. But soon his friends get a little weirded out by his obsession of Jew killing.

  • "Bell Flower"

It is an animated film about a bunch of tiny bugs that live in a Bell Flower and there is one weird southern bug named "Butterface" that wants to leave the flower.

  • "The Devil's Double"

A rom-com about somebody who has to impersonate your boss who everyone hates. There is punching and hi-jinks and at the end everyone realizes that it's ok to like your boss.

NSFW Summer Movie League Minute

Chip Nmrblro is back to update us all on the Summer Movie Draft.

Summer Music Series

Jonathan Mann, Mr. Song-A-Day himself is here to perform "Wren the Polyamorous Polar Bear" and an encore of "The iPhone Antenna Song".

  • Twitter: @Songadaymann
  • YouTube: TheRockCookieBottom
  • Website:

He wrote over 800 songs so far and continues to write more everyday... literally.

New Champion! Woo!

  • Chad. Just 'cause.

Great Quotes

Fun Facts

  • Chad watched the episode from the TWiT Cottage (with his brother Drew) because he doesn't have Internet at his place yet.
  • In the downloadable version of the episode, most of the opening video was moved to the end of the episode due to its length.


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