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His name is Tony
Tony's censor list on a bad day

Tony Wang was one of TWiTs podcast editors. Being an editor, he was rarely ever seen or heard from on TWiT broadcasts (except for the alpha show ION, which he co-hosted with Iyaz Akhtar and Liz Romero). He spent most of his time crammed in the back of the TWiT Brickhouse editing all of the podcasts in order to get them out on time.

In the NSFW episode, Tahlequah Knights, Tony made his first podcast appearance. While Brian, Justin, and OhDoctah were on the topic of Asian people, Tony edited in clips of himself looking disappointed at the hosts' mostly incorrect knowledge of Asian history.

He was part of the Diamond Core production team (with JammerB, OMG Chad and Jason Howell) that the Chatrealm reveres as they often stayed very late at the Brickhouse to capture and edit NSFW.

Tony left TWiT in May 2017.

Tony's Sneaky and Awesome Handiwork

Though Tony was charged with the unfortunate task of censoring whatever swearing and other really-NSFW content that must be excised from NSFW, he sometimes snuck in some extra visuals for lulz and win. Most of these are very subtle; however, he was able to salvage some hardcore tech fail, particularly in the first part of A Rooker Looks Back when he overlaid the footage over Google Instant to make it watchable.

The following is an ongoing list of the more interesting insertions that Tony has made for the final release. Timecodes provided are taken from the YouTube versions.

  • #22 Tahlequah Knights
    • inserted footage of himself during Asian history fail (@ 41:24)
  • #29 "The Most Annoying Person in the World" Cup
    • added speech to Justin's Fapper puppet (@ 1:29)
  • #82 Steamed Mayne Special
    • added flying lyrics for "Are You A Real Person?" (@ 0:37:40) and "Last Night I Dreamt I Was a Submarine" (@ 1:14:55)
  • #86 Toobin' with the Devil
    • doodled devil horns on Iyaz (@ 6:12)
  • #92 Dragon*Con: Con of a Dragon 2: Double Complete Dragon
    • added a second Wheatley along with the censor of Brian's triple swears (@ 0:36:53)
    • dubbed in the new ending song and footage of himself watching the live stream (@ 0:59:01)
  • #101 Internet Hosts are Whack
    • dropped the ENTIRE second segment and replaced it with the aftershow
  • #103 Glape!
    • overlaid Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott's faces over Justin's during the tease
    • used Scott's face again as a censor during the Afri-Cola commercial
    • inserted footage of himself in the corner during the Jello commercial... while eating Jello with chopsticks. (@ 51:13)
    • posted a second version of the ENTIRE episode (minus the opening effects/billboards) with footage of himself holding up post-it note commentary.
  • #117 The Power Hour
    • blurred out Justin's suggestive licking of the beer bottle during the opening tease (@ 0:00:15)
    • ...but otherwise left their blatantly-drunk opening and billboard ad reads intact (@ 00:00:43)
  • #122 The Belt Guru

"Tony, Edit This Out!"

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Tony's brick

Sometimes during awkward moments or instances of tech fail, Justin (and sometimes Brian and one time even JammerB) called for Tony to cut that scene from the final podcast. Save for extreme circumstances, this was very very blatantly ignored and the scene was left in anyway. The first time this phrase was heard was in #25 when Justin mentioned "a new segment called 'Tony, cut this from the final podcast.'"

Inversely, if something happens during the live show that one would surely expect to be trimmed, the hosts ask Tony to leave/add it in.

Tony sometimes added in botched ad reads, pieces of the TWiT portion of the aftershow or other bloopers after the end of the show.

When interviewed during the TWiT Brickhouse BBQ, Tony said he was going to "edit this out." Additionally, other TWiT hosts have been heard calling for Tony to edit things out, even if Tony is not the designated editor for the show.

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