The Chibi Project

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The Chibi Project
The Chibi Project cover art
Hosted by Patrick Delahanty and Jekka Cormier
No. of episodes 51
Runtime varies greatly
Producer(s) Patrick Delahanty
Camera Operator(s) Various
Editor(s) Patrick Delahanty
Original Run October 20, 2006 - July 2016

The Chibi Project is a web site that was created in 1999 to document the ongoing process of attempts to destroy a small Chibi Moon figure.

In December 2015, Lizz, one of the creators of The Chibi Project who had donated the original Chibi Moon figure, lost her battle with stomach cancer. She said, "Fuck cancer. Fuck it hard." The series was ended in 2016. Patrick and Jekka felt it was too difficult to continue the series without Lizz around.

Web Site

In December 1998, Patrick Delahanty was given a PVC plastic Chibi Moon figure by a friend who had received it as part of a set of Sailor Moon characters. She didn't want Chibi Moon, so she gave it to him with the instructions, "Do whatever you want to it. Stomp on it if you want to." She then proceeded to bring her boot's heel down on Chibi Moon's face. Nothing happened. Patrick vowed to finish the job.

The following February, Patrick brought Chibi Moon out to nearby commuter rail tracks just before a train was scheduled to arrive. Shortly after snapping a "before" photo, the train arrived. After it left the station, Chibi Moon was found to be mostly unharmed. She had suffered only minor scrapes. The results were posted on a small web site and The Chibi Project was born.

By late 2002, after many other experiments, it became apparent that Chibi Moon wouldn't hold up to much more testing. She was now in multiple pieces and her face was gone. It was time to move on to other anime toys. With these "side projects", The Chibi Project would not need to worry about what was left in the end and could go to extremes. The first test was conducted on Burning Gundam because, honestly, he was just asking for it with a name like that!

Live Experiments

Starting at Anime Boston 2003, The Chibi Project started doing live convention appearances featuring video footage from past experiments and occasionally a live experiment. Other conventions have since invited The Chibi Project to appear and run a panel, exposing yet more people to the wonders of The Chibi Project.

The final live experiment was conducted at San Japan in San Antonio, TX in July 2015 to a handful of people. In March 2016, The Chibi Project drew a large crowd at Anime Boston 2016 for the final live panel which premiered video of the final experiment.


In the fall of 2006, The Chibi Project began publishing video footage of experiments as a video podcast. The first two episodes recap the initial experiments on Chibi Moon. Starting with episode 3, most episodes covers a single experiment. Episodes also often include viewer mail.

At the end of season 1, all pre-recorded experiments from the days before the podcast had been presented. From season 2 forward, all episodes feature completely new experiments.

Patrick and Jekka held their final Chibi Project panel at Anime Boston 2016. The panel was recorded and published as a two-part the final episode of The Chibi Project. Shannon Morse and Bryan Burnett make appearances during the final experiment.

Connection to BBverse

Brian Brushwood in The Chibi Project

Episode 17 of The Chibi Project features Brian Brushwood breathing a giant fireball on a Sailor Mars doll.

The creator of The Chibi Project, Patrick Delahanty, is often in the chat room during the BBLiveShow, NSFW, or Night Attack. The Lost Episode was hosted in his living room and several episodes of NSFW and Frame Rate had been filmed in the AnimeCons TV studio in his Newton, MA basement.

There had been live Chibi Project experiments every year at Anime Boston 2003 through 2016 (except 2015) and NSFW guest MC Frontalot was a guest at Anime Boston in 2008 and 2011. Also, Brian Brushwood was a guest at PortConMaine in 2011 and 2012 where Patrick and Jekka are on staff and conducted several live Chibi Project experiments. (Brian was not involved in these experiments as they were held on Thursdays and he did not arrive until later.)

Brian Brushwood on The Chibi Project