Steamed Mayne Special

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Steamed Mayne Special
Number 82
Broadcast Date June 26, 2011
Episode Length 1:19:17
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Andrew Mayne, Jonathan Mann, Thomas Hughes

Justin, Andrew and Jonathan Mann are all live in Petaluma to talk about all sorts of crap.


Opening Video

The Best Lacrosse Announcer Ever

Between the Sheets

There is really no structure to this episode, much like Glee: Rhymes with Erminal, it's much more of a free-form talk-y episode. But that doesn't mean that the episode was bad! Shut up... you're dumb, stop thinking that. They spent a good five minutes recreating their prom night experience by describing how to eat lobster.

Rhett and Link Commercials

Each host picked their favorite commercial from the last episode and then the Chatrealm voted on their favorite.

You can watch all of the videos here and then decide for yourself. However the Chatrealm and Andrew agree, t2t2 was the winner with this video.


It's a fact, hookers who sell drugs and raise goats just don't have time to deal with CSS, not to mention dealing with the times when their servers go down. That's why they trust their sites to!

Go to and use the offer code "NSFW6" for a 14-day free trial and 30% your first 3 months once you order.

Summer Music Series

Jonathan Mann is BACK! This time he is live in the TWiT Cottage accompanied by Thomas Hughes of The Spinto Band.

They even recorded some custom outgoing voicemail messages for Brian and Justin. Brian even said that he would use their jingle for his toll free number, (866) EAT-FIRE. He "said" that he would do it, but who knows if he actually did. Call him up and find out!

You can also get your own outgoing message from them for just $50. To buy one, go to

You can find out all about them on their website,, on Twitter, @Songadaymann, on YouTube and on Facebook


Our mothers gave us life, but Netflix gave us a reason for our life.

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Andrew Mayne is a Mad Man

This guy... he just doesn't stop writing books. He has a new one out called "The Chronological Man" and it has broken into the Top 100 Mystery and Thriller section on Amazon. Or you can get his other books, The Grendel's Shadow and Public Enemy Zero. You can purchase the ENTIRE Andrew Mayne library for just $3.

Also you can get the audiobook version of The Grendel's Shadow and Public Enemy Zero, narrated by Justin, right here.

New Champion! Woo!

Justin, for totally killing it on This Week in Tech before recording NSFW. Watch it here. TWiT 307

Great Quotes

"What do truck stops smell like? Used condoms and broken dreams." -Justin

Fun Facts

  • "Road Bonnie" made it onto Brian's Wikipedia and was removed all within the time of the show.
  • You can see Justin and JammerB dancing in the mirror in the background during the second Summer Music Series performance.
  • Brian was broadcasting from a 150 year-old chair in the den of the US Attorney for the State of Maine.
  • Brian had eaten a lobster while at dinner with fellow guests of PortConMaine. He was taught how to eat it by John Philbrick (aka "Daniel Kevin Harrison), who was the one who first used the prom metaphor.
  • During the show, Jon Tilton was planning to get revenge on Brian for being slapped in the previous episode, but never found the right opportunity to do so.


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