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"artist" rendition of Sunbun
Born Milky Way Galaxy
Known For Being very bright

Sunbun is a member of <>, Chatrealm, and the Tadpool. In meatspace, he is an aerospace engineer, and holds both a Bachelor's and a Master's in the discipline.

In early 2015, someone had the horrible idea of promoting him to DCTVpedia admin. Then someone else had the horrible idea of granting him DCTV admin access, which he promised not to (ab)use. In July 2015, Sunbun became a subreddit mod of /r/diamondclub, continuing his streak of falling up. The month after, Sunbun became a Chatrealm mod. What a regrettable decision!

Sunbun is a contributor of shitty show titles and DCTVpedia edits. He understands why LA drivers don't know how to fucking drive in the rain, because he's from there, and is part of the problem. He went to Nerdtacular 2015 and met a bunch of people. He got a shirt from Dragon*Con: Con of a Dragon 2 there and got it signed by a lot of people. He also showed up at Tom's studio one day and watched him and Brian record Tom's Oats. Yeah.

Sunbun also showed up at the JuRYmore mansion a few times and took their Ruinum. As a token of their appreciation, he did their dishes.


Cool Diamond Club-Related People's Hands He's Shaken

  • Music people: Marian Call, The Doubleclicks
  • Podcast celebrities: PadreSJ, Patrick Beja, Veronica Belmont, Brian Brushwood, Jeff Cannata, Anthony CarboOOoOOoni, Roger Chang, Bill and Britt Doran, Matt Flanagan, Scott Fletcher, Jason Howell, Brian and Tina Ibbott, Scott and Kim Johnson, Jennie Josephson, Darren Kitchen, Tom Merritt, Jocelyn Moffett, Snubs, Ashley Paramore, Eileen Rivera, amtrekker, Ali Spagnola, Garrett Weinzierl, Justin Robert Young
  • Countless Chatrealmers, including: Abby, Amazingtoaster, Biocow, Chimaera, Chris Peterson, chrisrunoff, Coyotebrown, CptFubar, Curley, DaemonReaper, Demonfive, dubious_rascal and sconegiver, gambolingman, Giggleloop, Iyagovos, jdhore, jell (Ruinum artist), juanabos, Juanyam, JuryFacts, jveezy209, karl, Leon, Mitzula, neshcom, OMGchad, Patrick Delahanty, Petey Rave, Roberto Villegas, Sebanisu, sebgonz, SeniorGeek, Shodankid, SnowSchu, Tensorguy, TheatreMonkey, therealcmiller, tomgehrke, TimeJumper319, tinnvec, TVsEgon, Viking_Lass ...


  • "Fuck you, Sunbun." -JuRY
  • "Sunbun's not a girl? I'm disappointed." -Brian
  • "Sunbun comes in like Olivia Newton-John... just destroying things" -Curley
  • "dkgSunbutt" -mek
  • "kekdbfjeisjdhdbeFUbsbshshsjSUNNYBUNNY" -Ashley