The Diamond Club Rises

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The Diamond Club Rises
Number 138
Broadcast Date July 30, 2012
Episode Length 1:05:30
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Tom Merritt

The Diamond Club is finally out! That's all the talk about during the show.


Opening Video

Lesbian Seagull

The Diamond Club

The day has finally come and The Diamond Club has finally been released on the iBooks store. It's only $0.99 and you can buy it on iTunes right here. Earlier in the day, Brian and Justin posted a video and had it submitted to Reddit.

After the post got a bit of traction on Reddit there were two complaints that were clearly on everyone's mind: What will Brian and Justin do with all the money? and Brian's hair is REALLY dumb. To deal with these issues, Brian and Justin brought in hard-hitting reporter, Tom Merritt to ask the tough questions and get to the bottom of this possible scam.

So what are they doing with the money? Well, as of the recording, they don't know, however it will be spent on the denizens of the Chatrealm in some way. Also, since the Chatrealm did the vast majority of the work, Brian and Justin will be completely open with all of the finances regarding The Diamond Club.


Go to for a 14-day free trial and use the offer code "NSFW7" to get 10% off your first order.

You can also go to to check out the new features in Squarespace 6.

Vaginal Fantasy

To continue their media blitz, Brian and Justin convinced Veronica Belmont to read a few excerpts from The Diamond Club on her podcast "Vaginal Fantasy" which was being recorded at the same time as NSFW. Once "Vaginal Fantasy" went live, like a group of boys spying on a girls sleepover, the guys in the TWiT Brickhouse spied in on the "Vaginal Fantasy" Google Hangout and giggled as Veronica and the gang reacted to the explicit passages being read.

Summer Movie Draft Update

There is controversy in the Brickhouse as Brian and Tom call for and asterisk on Justin's seemingly inevitable win in the Summer Movie League. This controversy stems from Justin being awarded Ted (which turned out to be a HUGE hit) after having the G.I. Joe movie being pushed back. Since Justin didn't actually buy Ted, Brian and Tom feel that Justin should have an asterisk next to his win.

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • "OHH NO! It was old man Tom Merritt from the amusement park!" -Justin
    • "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling middle age men!" -Tom
  • "Then let it stand on its own." -Brian
    • "Like cheese." -Tom
    • "Like dick cheese." -Brian
  • "This is 'Penis Reality'!" -Justin
  • "Man, black people were big in the 90s." -Justin (Aftershow)

Fun Facts

  • The Belt song that they play is called "Calm the Fuck Down"
  • PadreSJ can be seen in the background of Brian's solo shot
  • The Insane Clown Posse is more in favor of "dope rhymes" than they are against science
  • They guys did a music video breakdown of The Prodigy's song "Breathe"
  • The Diamond Club peaked at #4 on the iTunes charts during the recording.


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