The Diamond Club: A Novel

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The Diamond Club e-book cover
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The Diamond Club: A Novel is an e-book written by Patricia Harkins-Bradley which was released on Monday, July 30th and climbed to #4 in the Apple iTunes book store for nearly a week and was in the top ten for over a week. In Canada, it briefly hit #3, beating out the third volume of Fifty Shades of Grey. In the United States and Canada, it is priced at $0.99.


When Brianna Young discovers that Roman Dyle, the man she built a relationship and a multi-million dollar company with, has gotten married to another woman behind her back, she embarks on a journey to realize her dreams of professional and sexual revenge for everything she had endured at the hands of Roman. Brianna seeks her romance from The Diamond Club, an exotic gathering of the Bay Area's most attractive and interesting people, from angel investors and airline pilots to world-famous chefs and dubstep artists. Gripping and emotionally-charged, The Diamond Club is a story of revenge and discovery that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Connection to NSFW

Jon Tilton is credited (or blamed) with coming up with the idea for the book and some early discussion of it happened behind the scenes at PortConMaine. The book was first discussed on NSFW during the Naughty Stories For Women episode. Tub Treats and So To Speak feature readings of select passages of the book. In A Rainbow of Dazzling Action, a call for "editors" was sent out. The cover of the book was selected in Get Set To Die In Space. The episode The Diamond Club Rises was broadcast on the day the book went on sale. A week later, Abotalit celebrated its unexpected sales numbers.

The audiobook is read by Jackie Hern.

Inside Jokes inside this Inside Joke

  • The title and name of the club, "The Diamond Club", is an obvious reference to the NSFW fan club, Diamond Club.
  • The book's publisher is "DIAF Industries". Not only is this a die in a fire reference, the DIAF podcast is also listed as being published by "DIAF Industries".
  • The "Nerdiest and Dirtiest" chapter references a film called "Zombie President", which is a reference to the Scream Queens vs Zombie President episode of NSFW.

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