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The Belt (and the Belt Bet) has referred to a number of things during the history of NSFW and Night Attack.

During the NSFW period, the podcast was not NSFW. Swearing on the TWiT Network, while not illegal, is frowned upon because Leo likes to keep a family-friendly atmosphere. Some swears, however, would be bleeped by the editor (sorry, Tony).

In order to reduce instances of swearing, any time someone swore they would win "the belt". For example, if Brian swears, then he has the belt, however if Justin swears after that, the belt is taken from Brian and given to Justin. Unfortunately, some guests have wanted to win the belt on purpose. Brian and Justin would like you to know that winning the belt is NOT a good thing. Most of the time when Brian or Justin win the belt, it is unintentional; they did their best to keep TWiT family-friendly.

Initially there was no physical belt, and Brian & Justin would just talk about "the belt" in reference to swearing. However once Brian got the actual metal "belt" (which is actually just metal hands in a <> pose), Chatrealm really got excited about the idea of the belt and started to bet on who would win it, and the Belt Bet was formed. Note: Despite the belt being a physical object, it is not actually sent to the winner; it weighs a ton (not literally) and the shipping costs would be insane.

Betting is slightly more epic than Game of Thrones

Starting with NSFW Episode 105, t2t2 set up the official Chatrealm Beltbet. Before each episode of NSFW, members of the Chatrealm can bet on who they think will win the belt for that episode. Options include, Brian, Justin, the guest(s), musical guest(s) and the TWiT Crew.

NSFW-era Rules

  1. The last person to swear is awarded the belt.
    1. If one person swears, followed by another person swearing, the belt is taken from the first person and given to the second person.
  2. Bad words:
    1. Fuck
    2. Shit
    3. Cunt
    4. Tits
    5. Cock (not in the context of a rooster)
    6. Pussy (not in the context of a cat)
    7. Nigger (and most other racial slurs)
    8. Wankel Rotary Engine
    9. Most of them are obvious, however "God Damn" and "Ass" are ok and commonly said by Justin.
  3. The "competition" ends only when the show ends (usually signified by the end of the End of the Show Song
    1. This used to end when Brian took the aftershow off TWiT, but was changed due to guests usually not staying for the whole aftershow.
  4. Chatrealm cannot win the belt or directly cause someone to win the belt.
    1. If a swearing incident is caused by the Chatrealm through a link, Brian showing a bad word in the chat, or a random Skype caller, the host showing/playing the swearing (usually Brian) DOES NOT get the belt.
    2. If the link was specifically crafted to get a host the belt (such as a link to a YouTube video of a host swearing), the belt owner status may be cleared to avoid people doing it.
    3. This includes you, Cheeto.

Brian's Belt Dance

Originating during the after show of So To Speak, Brian has begun enthusiastically dancing around his studio after Justin wins the belt. The song he dances to, interestingly enough, is called "Calm The Fuck Down" by Broke For Free.

This was the original Belt Dance.

The Night Attack era

When Night Attack launched, the belt would be awarded to the person whoever accidentally said the name of Night Attack's predecessor NSFW, when intending to say Night Attack. That lasted for several episodes, but did not become a normal thing.

Starting with Night Attack episode 100, the belt was reintroduced with a variation of the original rules: Cursing would win you the belt, although curses would not be bleeped. Whoever had the belt at the end of the episode would be required to donate $10 towards the cause of the winner.

Current Era Belt Winners

Starting with Night Attack episode 100, the belt has been won, and money donated, as follows: