The Tribunal of Guilty Pleasures

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The Tribunal of Guilty Pleasures
Number 37
Broadcast Date August 17, 2010
Episode Length 1:17:43
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Josh Connolly, Ryan Connolly, Timmy Allen

The gang is reunited under one roof as the hosts of Film Riot join them to judge the audience on their cinematic guilty pleasures.


The opening video was a censored version of "Fuck Me Ray Bradbury". After laughing about this video for a minute, they introduced their guests Josh Connolly, Ryan Connolly and Timmy Allen of Film Riot.

Summer Movie Draft Update

Brian is crowed as the winner of the Summer Movie Draft, having a $100 million lead. After praising Brian, talk quickly turned to mocking Justin for his early confidence that slowly faded as the contest went on.

New Viral Video Launch

Brian and Justin introduce what they believe is the new Bad Romance video, Star Trek TNG with lyrics. By the time Brian and Justin where done explaining and showing the video, it already had 72 diggs.

Name That Auto-Complete

For this episode’s “Recycling Old Material” segment, they played the game of the same name from episode 1. There was a bit of controversy for a second when Brian learned that he was up against all three brains of Film Riot

1.””Hint””: Action hero

  • Film Riot challenged to name it in 2
  • “theme” “gun”
  • Film Riot guessed correctly that it was James Bond

2. “”No Hint””

  • Film Riot challenged to name it in 4
  • “five” “games” “font” “hat”
  • Film Riot couldn’t answer and ran out of time
  • Brian elected to name it in 4, even though he could have gotten all 6 autocompletes
  • Brian, with some uncharacteristic smarts, successfully guessed “Indiana Jones”

3. ‘’”Hint””: under pressure

  • Film Riot challenged to name it in 5
  • “facts” “music” “tattoo” “action figure” “vs. Jack Bauer”
  • Film Riot incorrectly guesses “Chuck Norris”
  • Brian, knowing all of the clues, correctly answers “John McClane”


Movie Confessions

In the main event, Justin reads audience e-mails about their guilty pleasure movies and everyone determines whether or not they should be absolved or banished because of this.

1. “”JasonTheM””: Miss March

  • Thoughts: Nobody has watched it
  • Judgement: Banished

2. “”Dino Kadich””: Watchmen

  • Thoughts: You are an idiot for considering this a confession
  • Judgement: Banished

3. PDelahanty: Fever Pitch

  • Thoughts: It’s not a good movie, but they understand
  • Judgement: Absolved

4. “”Max””: Surf Ninjas

  • Thoughts: This movie was cool
  • Judgement: Absolved

5. “”John Vogel””: Attack of the Clones

  • Thoughts: It sucked, but Justin understands
  • Judgement: Banished

6. Timmy Allen: A Knights Tale

  • Thoughts: It’s an okay movie
  • Judgement: Absolved

7. Ryan Connolly: Three Ninjas and Last Action Hero

  • Thoughts: Those movies are cool
  • Judgement: Absolved x2

8. Josh Connolly: iRobot

  • Thoughts: It’s an okay movie
  • Judgement: Absolved

9. Justin: Dusk Til Dawn

  • Thoughts: Mixed reviews
  • Judgement: None (they got distracted)

10. Brian: Equillibrium

  • Thoughts: Gun-kung-fu is cool
  • Judgement: Absolved


There was the regular plugging of guests, followed by the usual Dragon Con talk, however they did release info about a future episode of Film Riot featuring Brian that they had just filmed.

Blackmail carbonite.jpg

After show

There was a special game of Movie Confession Rapid fire after the official podcast ended. The full list of movie judgements can be found here.


Justin, once again, didn't help the sponsor read whatsoever when he immediately started talking about how to use Carbonite to cover up murders, and blackmail your enemies.

New Champion! Woo!

  • Brian, who not only won, but won twice!

Great Quotes

Fun Facts

  • Brian was sitting on the "set" of WeirdThings TV
  • Snickers the cat-dog was present, to hold the lav mic for the Film Riot gang
  • This was the least professionally set-up show in NSFW show history, which included a webcam duct-taped to a computer monitor
  • Justin is a communist hunter, super hero, named "Rorscat" who wears a poo mask


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