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Willie Scott
Born 1996
Known For Updating the DCTVPedia (particularly DTNS) and creating #FeedChad

Willie Scott (aka WScottis1) is a broke college student who is studying IT Management at a small college called Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio (couple miles away from Dayton). His dream job one day is to become the next Tom Merritt and do podcasts about technology for the average consumer. In fact, rumor has it that he will make his first podcast about consumer technology in a few months.

How WScottis1 became a part of Chatrealm

WScottis1 didn't have fast internet growing up, so therefore, he couldn't watch a lot of content online with the slow speeds. In 2010, Willie's family finally started paying for cable which included high speed internet. Willie's story to Chatrealm is a very interesting one. Willie was searching for videos on YouTube about Siri on the new (at the time) iPhone 4s. He found a video on this one YouTube channel that he really liked and ended up subscribing to that channel. Once, Willie found out that this YouTube channel knew about Lamarr Wilson, he checked out some of his videos and ended up subscribing to his channel as well. Lamarr, in one of his videos, promoted his podcast, This Week in YouTube, on the TWiT network. Willie naturally then followed Lamarr to this podcast and discovered TWiT and OMGchad. Willie then started watching This Week in Tech and eventually started watching Tech News Today. Because Willie didn't discover TWiT until late 2013, Willie never watched Frame Rate or NSFW while they were still on the TWiT network, even though Frame Rate was right before This Week in YouTube in the TWiT Live schedule.

When Tom Merritt left TWiT in 2013, he followed Tom to the Daily Tech News Show, but wasn't an active audience participant until late 2014. Willie started watching Cordkillers live in January of 2015 after watching the episode Mushy Middle on the Cordkillers YouTube channel. Ironically, the first episode of Night Attack Willie watched live for the first time was Ghost Dad. Ever since early 2015, Willie has become a whole-hearted <> supporter and will until the day he dies.

Fun Facts

  • Willie's family used to have dial-up Internet until 2010 when his parents finally got high speed internet from, unfortunately, Comcast.
  • Willie is the youngest member of chatrealm. (May not be true)
  • Willie currently lives with his parents in Southeast Michigan during the summer.


  • Rumor has it that WScottis1 is the master mind behind ShowBotReminder in the chat.


@WScottis1 on Twitter