Adventure Show

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Adventure Show
Number 154
Broadcast Date November 20, 2012
Episode Length 1:12:40
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Ali Spagnola

Brian, Justin and Ali Spagnola gorge themselves on alcohol and viral videos.


Opening Video

NSFWshow P.O.P.E. Remix

Ali Spagnola's Ultra Power Quarter Hour

Ali is back with an all new drinking solution! Its the "Ultra Power Quarter Hour". We know that you may need to get all boozed up in order to tolerate you relatives during the holidays. To solve this terrible first-world problem Ali created a 15-minute album with 15 one-minute songs, that way you can get drunk quick and make your family infinitely more bearable.

This new album is just $4.99, buy it now!

Just like last time Ali was on, Brian and Justin drank along with the game during the show. Brian was worried that he wouldn't get quite as drunk as he got during The Power Hour, so this time he has upped the ante. Based on the Tech News Today segment, Brian created his version of "The Randomizer". The Randomizer is a rotating table upon which are nine paper cups filled with either water or vodka. Every time the song changed Brian took a shot from the Randomizer, while Justin went the traditional route by simply taking a shot of beer.


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Thanksgiving Feast of Viral Videos

Just like the previous year, Brian and Justin feasted on viral videos submitted by the Chatrealm.

Why Does Ryan Connolly Hate Us?

In a recent Film Riot episode, Ryan Connolly called for the "Film Riot Army" to blow up Brian's twitter asking him why the Film Riot crew has never been on Scam School.

In retaliation, Brian told the "NSFW Army" to yell at Ryan on twitter asking why he hasn't been on NSFW in nearly 2 years.

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