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The End of the Show Song is a song created by Mike TV and Get Set Go after .

Origin Story

Get Set Go made their first appearance during Two Bros and a Brother and promoted their Kickstarter. They did so well that they promised to create a new closing song for NSFW.

The following week, during Mo'dinga Mo'Problems, the End of the Show Song premiered. The song has no title and has been referred to as the "End of the Show Song", "End of the Night Song", and "NSFW Lullaby".

It has been played at the end of all episodes since it was created...but on some earlier episodes, Brian would tend to forget. For example, during Dragon*Con: Con of a Dragon 2: Double Complete Dragon, the End of the Show song was not played at Dragon*Con, but was dubbed into the downloadable version of the episode by Tony Wang.

Live Performances

Mike TV later performed an acoustic version during TWiT Ain't Nothin' But Pitches and Shows. (The downloadable version of that episode dubs in the pre-recorded version due to Skype audio issues which occurred during the live performance.)

The full band returned in Get Set To Die In Space and performed the song at the end of the show.


Old John Smokey has created a cover version of the song.


It's time to go and I'm so depressed
And I'm gonna spend the rest of the week in bed
Until the next... NSFW
The show is through and it breaks my heart
'cause I just can't bear to be apart
From Brian and Justin of NSFW
Oh, I'd rather... die in a fire
Than to spend a single moment without Brian Brushwood
Oh, I'd rather be dipped in honey and fed to a big ant pile
Than do without Justin Robert Young for even a little while
Oh, NSF...W...
I love you.
Oh, NSF...W...
I love you.