Dragon*Con: Con of a Dragon 2: Double Complete Dragon

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Dragon*Con: Con of a Dragon 2: Double Complete Dragon
Number 92
Broadcast Date September 4, 2011
Episode Length 1:00:36
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests George Hrab, Tom Merritt, Veronica Belmont, Scott Sigler, Kyle Hebert, Mike McFarland

The boys are back in Atlanta for their second ever live show at Dragon*Con. Veronica Belmont returns, but this time she is joined by Tom Merritt and a slew of guests including George Hrab, Scott Sigler, Kyle Hebert, Mike McFarland and the unexpected return of a world famous musician!


Opening Act

Instead of an opening video, George Hrab came and performed his song "Brains, Body, Both".

Dragon*Con Cosplay Thunderdome

Just like last year, costumed contestants are chosen and the hosts have to argue which character is the best.

Host's Choices

Brian: Red Skull (Red Skelton)
Justin: Link
Tom: Chell (Brittany Doran)/Wheatley
Veronica: Hawk (Bill Doran)
  • Round 1: Red Skull vs Chell/Wheatley
    • Brian (Red Skull) - Captain America was an awesome movie, plus watch Red Skull can dance.
    • Tom (Chell/Wheatley) - Portal 2 is the best game so far this year, the costume is great from top to bottom, and Wheatley is just the cherry on top.
Crowd's choice- Red Skull
  • Round 2: Link vs. Hawke (Dragon Age)
    • Veronica (Hawke)- He can destroy anything, he doesn't even need an Ocarina of Time. Plus he is cross-platform!
    • Justin (Link)- He is a proven winner and can ride a horse.
Crowd's choice- Link
  • Round 3: Red Skull vs. Link-- DANCE OFF
Crowd's choice- Red Skull

Winner: Red Skull


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Dragon*Con Dream Date

This is a game that in no way resembles a popular game show created by Chuck Barris. The Dragonette, Veronica, is blindfolded and she has to ask questions to the bachelors and then choose which one she likes best.

Question 1) If you could participate in Star Wars cosplay with me, what would we be?

1: Emperor Palpitine (crotchless) and she could be Princess Leia

2: Sarlac Pit

3.1: Boba Fett

3.2: R5D4, she could be Salacious Crumb

Question 2) Meatloaf says he would do anything for love but won't do "that". What is "that"?

2: The thing that he won't do is listen to Meatloaf.

3.1: Won't do dishes or windows.

1: He won't do the Dragonette's sister

Question 3) If you had the chance to take her to any sci-fi/fantasy locale to make whoopie, where would you take me? (Note: Veronica mis-pronounced "TARDIS". This did not go over well with anybody...)

3.1: The volcano world from Revenge of the Sith

3.2: The set of THX 1138

1: The garbage pit in the Death Star

2: They would go to where the Hobbits live- The "Sheer" (This was in response to Veronica's mispronunciation of "TARDIS".)

WINNER: Dragon #2- George Hrab

Summer Music Series

George Hrab is back again to play his cover of Under Pressure.

You can find more about him at GeologicRecords.net.

In a surprising move, Old John Smokey showed up at the last minute to perform his world famous spoons, unfortunately they had a hard-out and had to stop his performance after a few seconds. After being bumped for the second time, Old John Smokey was furious and had to be removed from the stage by the Horseboy Security Taskforce.

New Champion! Woo!

  • Dragon*Con wins for having such an awesome panel on its schedule!

Great Quotes

  • Tom: "BOOOOOOO. Boo this crowd!"
  • Justin: "I like how in this audience, 'cross-platform' is a cutting insult. It's almost like calling my mom the c-word."

Tom: "Commodore?"
Justin: "Yes."

Fun Facts

  • They were scheduled for 8:30 pm but audio technical difficulties with noise and clipping on the audio delayed the show until about 9.
  • The live stream performed surprisingly well. The video quality was great and did not drop out at all. The final podcast consisted of both the LiveU and Brian's local recording.
  • Because Justin didn't have his soundboard with him, he (and Tom) instead spoke the sound effects/quotes (Zelda item get, Boo This Man!, etc.)
  • Brian's triad of profanities during the setup of Dragon Dream Date was bleeped out by the Special Report roar. For some reason, another Wheatley flashed onscreen during the censor.
  • Kyle Hebert used a fake and intentionally-bad British accent, presumably to obscure himself.
  • In the podcast version there is no tease or opening title read. Justin's billboard reads were reused from previous episodes.
  • The opening of the podcast says Netflix is a sponsor. In the episode, they credit Squarespace as a sponsor.
  • The podcast version also dubs in the GetSetGo-made ending theme (and TWiT Brickhouse footage of Tony watching the stream) at the end of the episode.
  • Patrick Delahanty operated the LiveU camera until the chocolate whipped cream came out. At that point, he went backstage to check on Horseboy while cowgirlcurtis took over the camera.
  • The episode was rebroadcast in NSFW's normal Tuesday timeslot with introduction and epilogue by Justin and Brian. Brian also offered some comments in the chat while the episode played. The "director's cut" was posted to YouTube the following day.


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