Still Not Cancelled

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Still Not Cancelled
Number 100
Broadcast Date October 31, 2011
Episode Length 1:26:06
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Leo Laporte

This is it! Episode 100! Leo Laporte is back, as SpiderBelmont tries to get the show cancelled.


Opening Video

The Opening for the Latest Film Riot with Justin

NSFW 100 Intro by Zak Holder

I Said WHAT?!

A usurper, Veronica Belmont the co-host of the new show "Game On" on the TWiT Network has appeared and the three have to remember who said what or else she will cancel NSFW.

"And now homeless man you face the bear trap."

  • Brian- Brian
  • Justin- Justin
  • Leo- Brian

Correct Answer - Brian

"This is the most overproduced show I've ever seen."

  • Leo- Leo
  • Justin- Leo
  • Brian- Leo

Correct Answer : Ep 25 "The Trials of King Leo" - Leo

"I call dibs on the 11 year-old!"

  • Brian- Justin
  • Justin- Justin
  • Leo- Justin

Correct Answer : Ep 78 "Fish Stick Apocalypse" - Justin

"If anyone can tackle the clitoris, it's NSFW."

  • Justin- Brian
  • Brian- Brian
  • Leo- Justin

Correct Answer : Ep 11 "6 Word Failoir" - Brian

"I am the Merv Griffin of unwatched internet programs."

  • Leo- Justin
  • Justin- Leo
  • Brian- Justin

Correct Answer : Ep 1 "Name That Autocomplete (episode)" - Justin

"Get me some more toast."

  • Brian- Leo
  • Justin- Leo
  • Leo- Leo

Correct Answer : Ep 25 "The Trials of King Leo" - Leo

"You sounded like your mom, I wasn't sure."

  • Brian- Brian
  • Leo- Brian
  • Justin- Brian

Correct Answer : Ep 25 "The Trials of King Leo" - Leo

"Australia sucks and all of their animals have pouches!"

  • Leo- Justin
  • Brian- Justin
  • Justin- Justin

Correct Answer : Ep 41 "Scott Johnson vs. The World" - Brian

"I'm thirsty, so I'm gonna go with racism."

  • Justin- Justin
  • Leo- Brian
  • Brian- Brian

Correct Answer : Ep 3 "YouBooze (episode)" - Brian

SpiderBelmont is defeated... OR IS SHE?


Go to to learn more.

Name that Autocomplete

SpiderBelmont is back

1) Clue:"Top Dog with a fierce bark"

  • Fired
  • Quotes
Brian- Carol Bartz- Correct

2) Clue: "Man looking for a new job

  • wiki
  • quotes
  • net worth
  • smoking ad
  • harrassment
  • 999 plan
Leo- Herman Cain- Correct
Herman Cain's Nein Nein Nein Plan

3) Clue: "Try to understand hes a magic man"

  • Gay
  • Girlfriend
  • Net worth
  • Height
  • Twitter
Brian- David Copperfield- Wrong
Leo- Daniel Radcliffe- Correct

4) Clue: "Internet meme dream"

  • Sheet music
Leo- Nyan cat- Wrong
Brian- Keyboard cat- Correct

5) Clue: "Not a person, but a concept"

  • comics
  • gif
  • Subreddit
  • Demotivational posters
  • SHOW
  • Acronym
  • Webcomics
  • Cosplay
  • Games
  • Forums
Leo- XKCD- Incorrect
Brian- NSFW- Correct!


Go to and use the offer code "NSFW11" for a 14-day free trial.


There have been some similar controversial events that have happened on TWiT so Brian and Justin will use video evidence to debate whether or not NSFW deserves to be on the TWiT Network.

1) Shirtless broadcasting: TWiT vs NSFW

2) Inappropriate moments: NSFW vs TWiT

3) Lack of moral certitude: NSFW vs TWiT

The show is saved! Here's to another 100 episodes!

New Champion! Woo!

  • Everyone!

Great Quotes

  • "The gay is scaring me." -Leo
  • "Take that poptarts!" -Leo

Fun Facts

  • The new web site launched one hour before this show.
  • There was no musical guest for this episode. However, King Leo was heard singing a few lines from "Stayin' Alive" during the pre-show, so this episode technically had SOME kind of musical performance.
  • This episode was bumped up to Monday, October 31st since Brian and Jon had to fly to Spokane that Tuesday for a show.
  • OMG Chad operated the Tricaster for this episode rather than JammerB.
  • Counting Episode 22 (Take 1) this is the 101st episode recorded.
  • This episode was recorded two years to the day after the first Weird Things live video,'s Quest for Houdini, which was presented as a BBLiveShow episode.
Yoshi's commemorative art
  • The commemorative artwork by Yoshi was on display in the TWiT Brick House until October 8, 2014. Fearing it may be damaged or discarded after a falling out with TWiT, JammerB and Tony (the original recipients) gave the okay for it to be relocated to Oakland.


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