List of All the Shittier Inside Jokes

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These are shitty inside jokes within Chatrealm and Diamond Club that are too infrequently referenced, unfunny, or lame to merit their own full-sized article.

Frequently Referenced

Rifle Burs (Burs/Swag)

2013-14(?) gmcfosho - Rifle Burs (original)


2013-14(?) gmcfosho - IMDABES

Goat Time

2014. Brian's "Go Time" chant turns into Goat Time. Sunbun would like to think he came up with it (check the tapes?). But he's probably not the first one.

Let It Go

Summer 2014. Said whenever TWiT drama rears its head somehow, referring to the song from Frozen and Night Attack episode with the same name.

Preshow? Doc?

2014. Beef wonders if the preshow is live yet, after the postshow. Except when he asks, he's joking. P.S.: the preshow will start when it does, and the doc will be available when it is. Quit asking. :\

Paaants (Skirr)

2015. gmcfosho - DEM PANTS



Sometime late 2014. Somebody (*cough* Sunbun) submitted an old video from JuRY's YouTube page circa 2005, when he was still a student at Syracuse University, called What Assholes! to the Link Doc for Night Attack 41. It was played during the preshow, much to Justin's embarrassment.


Whenever JuRY is on-location, whether on Night Attack, TMS, or some other show, it is always from a closet in Ohio. Always.


See Bikie Wars

February 2015. From the Aunty Donna song Bikie Wars, a video submission on the Night Attack episode That's Thursday that started a down-under revolution. Since then, the song has been covered by Brian, Justin, and MikeTV, and described in a session of What is Veronica Watching?

Accompanying video: Bikie Wars

That's ___!

2014-2015. Episodes 48-53 of Night Attack were titled "That's ____". Show title suggestions to this day sometimes begin with "That's" to reference this dark period in Night Attack history. Related: Episodes ending in "Nail(s/ed) it!"

A Boat Sank

2014. After looking at the dollar amount of the Patreon as Brian and Justin do on every Night Attack show (which has been some amount between $1000-2500)...

Brian: "Hey Justin, what happened in (year corresponding to dollar amount)?"

Justin: "A boat sank."

Bonjour Clique

See Bonjour Clique or Hearth and Oates

Asshole Klan Hello

See Asshole Klan, Hello? from the episode Two Asshole Friends of Andrew Mayne

How Could This Have Been Done?

See How Could This Have Been Done

Occasionally Referenced


2011. See main NSFW episode article: Glape! and accompanying video: Borderline Racist 1960's Jell-O Ad

Africola / Fully Reasonable

2011. See main NSFW episode article: Glape! and accompanying video: Afri-Cola commercial 1968 (with subtitles)

Shwood's Black Son

2014. Magician Eion Scyne is revealed to be Brian Brushwood's illegitimate black son. Nominated for The Abel Hicklebottom award for The Advancement of Racism in 2014's Chatrealm Awards.

Austin, Texassssssss

Summer 2014. Gatowag fills in as Night Attack TD in the lovely metropolitan area known as Aussssssssstin, Texassssssssssss.

Church of Quassel

2014-15. tinnvec, Gatowag, and neshcom believe in the power of one IRC client over another perfectly good IRC client. Like, what's wrong with HexChat? Geez.


Unknown origin, presumed to have come from the Bizarre Magic production group. Following a discussion about a person, somebody will say "classic (person's name)." Mek thinks it's too mainstream for this list. Classic mek.

Visible Wife

Repeated by Chatrealm whenever Bonnie the Invisible Wife shows up on camera somehow which shouldn't ever happen


See Angel Grapefruit Technique

Here Just for Reference


Summer 2014. Sunbun drives the #FriendBus. Gatowag is not on the #FriendBus. May have involved a discussion about the Desert Bus marathon.

Fuck My Big Black Ass (Is It Waterproof?)

November 2014. During the pre-show for Clench-A-Butt, we learn whether the Fuck Me Silly and Fuck My Big Black Ass is waterproof.

Do Black People Like Mayo?

December 2014. In Rub Yolk on My Face and Cry About My Dad, Diamond Club wonders: do black people like mayonnaise?

Dan The Butt

2014-15. sebgonz and Tom Gehrke encounter some eight year old known as Dan The Man while playing Destiny. Natch, they decided to change his name to Dan The Butt (DTB), because he's kind of a butt. During the same Twitch stream they also met CootermcFurBurger (CFB)


2015. neshcom and Gatowag have beef with the English language. Mostly spelling and verbs and shit.

That's Short (TWSS Podcast)

January 2015. neshcom, SURGE, Sunbun, mek, t2t2, tinnvec, kingkaz, tomgehrke, and a bunch of other fuckers attempt a podcast idea that didn't work. That's what she said.


January 2015. t2t2 and tomgehrke, and now you too, know that Twitch's 60fps stream of the League Championship Series is so smooooooooooth.

Maybe You Should've Paid More Attention

1/24/2015. mek and Gatowag should've paid more attention in class.


1/24/2015. SgtMuffin's new music stream on goes awry when the same guitar cover of Toto's Africa plays for the fourth time in the span of an hour.

We Are Sebgonz

2/6/2015. Chatrealm decides that it is, collectively, sebgonz. Everyone became in on the joke, including most of the mods, Tom Merritt, beatmaster, and Jennie.


gonzwar with BigJim

The Neshening

2/24/2015. The death of Chatrealm as we knew it, and the beginning of the Neshening. Started in the morning, ended after Night Attack 53.

the beginning of the neshening

Chicken Churner

Early 2015. Neshcom built a chicken churner to breed and cook chickens on the Diamond Club Minecraft server. At first it wasn't that bad. Then Neshcom found out that the churner was built incorrectly and didn't enclose the chickens correctly, so the entire courtyard was filled with chickens within 24 hours. Then he left it alone. Then he returned to the server after a few weeks and it was really bad and crashed the server. It took 24 hours to get rid of most of the chickens, which slowed the server to a crawl. Rocket launchers and lava were used. Now you can't even tell that 10,000 chickens once existed in a 10x10x3 volume.

Ed note: I don't English very well when I'm tired.

(3.29 never forget)


6/10/2015. Stemming from a typo tinnvec made (figures), Tom Gehrke defined the word chimaeral as an adjective meaning "way more informative than might strictly be necessary."

See also: Chimaera

Pander Express

Coined by neshcom. The act of playing to your audience while participating in a party game (e.g. Cards Against Humanity, Jackbox Party Pack, Quiplash, etc)

Chad Kroeger

Probably forever. Tom Gehrke has a striking resemblance to the frontman of Nickelback. Further perpetuated by Bill Meeks.

Team China

Diamond Club's official Rocket League team. Follow our Weibo.

Official slogan: "Ni Hao Could This Have Been Done?"