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Justin's soundboard provides goofy effects and quotes for BBLiveShow and NSFW. It first appeared late into BBLiveShow and has been used whenever Justin is broadcasting from his home.

JuRY's Soundboard

Epic Win!

  • "That's right~!"
  • "Congratulations and celebrations~"
  • Item obtained theme (from many Zelda games)
  • Battle victory theme (from many Final Fantasy games)
  • "I am the winner of this lame-ass podcast game! And it doesn't matter, except I can rub it in your face! I am a winner - but really, I'm a loser"
  • "Get on your bikes and ride!" - Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls
  • "Correctamundo!" - Samuel L. Jackson/Pulp Fiction
  • "That just happened!" - Will Ferrell/Talladega Nights

Epic Fail

  • "Boo this man!" (from Half-Baked with Dave Chappelle)
  • Drunken man singing "Amazing Grace"
  • The Price is Right "Fail Horn"
  • Legend of Zelda game over


Other Soundboards